Definition of eyestripe in English:



  • A stripe on a bird's head which encloses or appears to run through the eye.

    • ‘Their plumage is primarily white or tinted slightly pink or yellow, with black markings on the flight feathers and black eyestripes.’
    • ‘The ancestral state appears to have been unpatterned, except for the pale underparts and the eyestripe found throughout the genus, and pattern elements have apparently been gained and lost over evolutionary time.’
    • ‘The females, in particular, produce striking plumage complete with prominent white eyestripes circling the head and meeting on the nape.’
    • ‘The Green sandpiper is a small solitary wader which has a long straight beak, a whitish eye ring and eyestripe.’
    • ‘A combination of prominent creamy-white eyestripe and rusty-red flanks and underwings makes the redwing unmistakable.’