Definition of eyespot in English:



  • 1Zoology
    A light-sensitive pigmented spot on the bodies of invertebrates such as flatworms, starfishes, and microscopic crustaceans, and also in some unicellular organisms.

    • ‘They do not have image-forming eyes, but many species have pigment cells and photoreceptors concentrated into eyespots.’
    • ‘However, this eyespot probably cannot form an acute image but merely acts as a light sensor.’
    • ‘However, when the pigmented eyespot is absent, the light penetrates the body and the front-to - back contrast is reduced.’
    • ‘However, pigmented eyespots are visible in wild-type larvae and late-stage embryos.’
    • ‘Its eyespots, located at the ends of the arms, sense light.’
  • 2A rounded eye-like marking on an animal, especially on the wing of a butterfly or moth.

    • ‘The beautiful eyespots on butterfly wings are thought to rely on the principles described above, although involving more morphogens.’
    • ‘Butterfly eyespots have become a popular model system for the study of evolution and development.’
    • ‘For a second or two, the whale is so close that I can see its white eyespot, and then it dives.’
    • ‘Further, close observations of agonistic interactions revealed that individuals who were the first to display the eyespot were almost invariably the winners and ultimate social dominants.’
    • ‘Its wings are mottled brown, small eyespots dotting the scalloped edges here and there, small circles with tails on them.’
    • ‘The bodies are light and ill-defended, except for the armored face, which is designed to draw attacks to it, like the eyespots on butterfly wings.’
    • ‘Pupae with low ecdysteroid levels develop into adults with small eyespots on their wings.’
    • ‘The male's head is blue and brown, and both sexes have bold, black eyespots at the napes of their necks.’
    • ‘The colorful eyespots on butterfly wings may be patterned by a mechanism similar to that used to organize the proximo-distal axis of the insect leg.’
    • ‘A relationship between eyespot phenotype and N and Dll expression is demonstrated in a loss-of-eyespot mutant in which N and Dll expression is reduced at missing eyespot sites.’
  • 3mass noun A fungal disease of cereals and other cultivated grasses, characterized by yellowish oval spots on the leaves and stems.

    The fungus is typically Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, subdivision Deuteromycotina

    • ‘The eyespot fungus survives in the residue of infected plants for 3 or more years and is most severe under cool, wet conditions.’
    • ‘The pathogen survives on corn debris, so reduced tillage and continuous corn create a high-risk environment for development of eyespot, especially if there is heavy residue and a history of it in that location.’
    • ‘There have been reports of Physoderma brown spot, anthracnose, and eyespot developing in Illinois cornfields.’
    • ‘Where eyespot is over threshold the preferred fungicide would be cyprodinil although Punch and Landmark both have some activity against eyespot and can give useful control.’
    • ‘The percentage of stems affected by damaging lesions of eyespot at 22.1pc was the highest on record.’