Definition of eyesore in English:



  • A thing that is very ugly, especially a building.

    ‘the office crumbled into an eyesore’
    • ‘This building, in the opinion of many, is an eyesore which should be demolished.’
    • ‘Amid the characterful pioneer buildings, municipal eyesores have risen.’
    • ‘A council report states: ‘Shopping trolleys are, at best, a nuisance and, at worst, eyesores.’’
    • ‘Toxic eyesores disfigure black neighborhoods, degrade property values, and discourage public and private investment there.’
    • ‘The jail is a huge eyesore and a risk to the general public as has been demonstrated in the very recent past.’
    • ‘An eyesore building on the corner of St Denys' Road and next to the site is a listed structure and will become part of the block of flats.’
    • ‘And they claimed that a high metal fence, which had been erected round the building, was an eyesore.’
    • ‘BBC News has been asking its readers to nominate Britain's worst buildings, the eyesores that they would like to see demolished.’
    • ‘It's inevitable that these eyesores will eventually become dangerous.’
    • ‘In most cases, the rules are in place to ensure everyone can appreciate their homes and surroundings without the detrimental impact of unlawful buildings, developments or eyesores.’
    • ‘Officials do not believe the new facilities will be a nuisance or an eyesore and say they are clearly needed in Filey.’
    • ‘The real eyesore was the derelict building we took over, which was covered in vandalism.’
    • ‘A yacht club spokesman said the barge had been demolished because it was dangerous and an eyesore.’
    • ‘With many of the old eyesores now disappearing from sight more effort will be called for to really get the town looking its best for the spring, summer and autumn.’
    • ‘I would suggest that they move out of their cosy offices and tour the area to see for themselves what is not only an eyesore but a health hazard.’
    • ‘At a time when Ireland is so wealthy, the excuses for building those eyesores are gone.’
    • ‘The piles of dumped rubbish and abandoned cars have long been an eyesore and a hazard to health.’
    • ‘I'd much rather see one big eyesore than a bunch of little eyesores jumping out at me wherever I look - on poles, on construction-site temporary fences, etc.’
    • ‘They have become stagnant bog holes and an incredible eyesore and health risk.’
    • ‘It is a monstrous eyesore quite out of keeping with the surrounding area.’
    ugly sight, blot, blot on the landscape, mess, scar, blight, disfigurement, blemish, defacement, defect, monstrosity, horror, carbuncle, excrescence, atrocity, disgrace, ugliness
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