Definition of eyeliner in English:



mass noun
  • A cosmetic applied as a line round the eyes to make them appear larger or more noticeable.

    ‘her eyes were made up with heavy black eyeliner’
    count noun ‘a range of eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascaras’
    • ‘Black eyeliner and mascara was heavily put on, making her pale face look like she was dead.’
    • ‘Blood red eye shadow and thick black eyeliner surrounded the crease of icy blue irises.’
    • ‘Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she had a little bit of black eye shadow and eyeliner on.’
    • ‘Her black eyeliner and mascara was running and she knew she looked horrible.’
    • ‘I put on my blue army bandanna in the bathroom along with my mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss.’
    • ‘Her vivid blue eyeshadow made her eyes pop out besides the fact that she had a thick line of eyeliner on.’
    • ‘Besides her black lipstick, she also had on deep red eye shadow and black eyeliner.’
    • ‘She wears too much makeup and her black mascara and eyeliner smudges all over her face.’
    • ‘She had dark eye shadow with eyeliner that made her eyes look thin and really quite beautiful.’
    • ‘My eyes were surrounded with black eye shadow and eyeliner, giving out a smoky effect.’
    • ‘She is also wearing black eyeliner and purple eye shadow and purple tinted glossed lips.’
    • ‘After putting a thin layer of brown eyeliner and black mascara, she was almost good to go.’
    • ‘She picked up her black eyeliner and defined herself with two back lines under each eye.’
    • ‘She had a pale face with just a hint of eye shadow on her lids and a very thin but very black line of eyeliner.’
    • ‘He rubbed his eyes, which were smeared with faint lines of black eyeliner, and blinked at Alice as if in a daze.’
    • ‘Heavy eyeliner and mascara shadowed her dark brown eyes that were void of any emotion.’
    • ‘They glare at me from behind their blue eye shadow and black eyeliner and look me up and down.’
    • ‘She was wearing black mascara and eyeliner, her eye shadow was a light shell pink.’
    • ‘Then I put a thin line of black eyeliner on my bottom lid and a flare on the top lid.’
    • ‘If you want to get this look, apply basic black eyeliner in a thick line across your lashline, making a tail at the outer corner of your eye.’
    cosmetics, greasepaint
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