Definition of eyelet in English:


nounPlural eyelets

  • 1A small round hole in leather or cloth for threading a lace, string, or rope through.

    • ‘Connect the pieces by tying one piece of elastic string through all eyelets.’
    • ‘It's also shaped like a bra so it's easier to get on and off - I hook the eyelets while wearing it backwards and then shift the bra around to get my arms through it.’
    • ‘That's in the face of a staggering 51,840 possible lacings for a shoe with just five eyelets on each side, and millions more for shoes with a larger number of eyelet pairs!’
    • ‘After the child laces the ribbon length through the eyelet holes, show him/her how to weave the needle end through the previous stitches on the back.’
    • ‘I would recommend leaving the eyelets for the laces accessible.’
    • ‘She wore a blue leotard-style top and baggy indigo jeans rolled up to reveal strong bare ankles thrust into a pair of dusty black canvas shoes with torn eyelets and lagoon-blue laces.’
    • ‘In effect, instead of zigzagging, the lacing path is reflected at each eyelet so that it is straightened out as much as possible.’
    • ‘He specified that the shoelace visit all eyelets and that every eyelet contribute toward pulling the two sides of the shoe together.’
    • ‘You can also forgo the stocking stitch, but personally, I prefer not having the eyelets so close to the edge and this way, the edging would echo the sleeve pattern.’
    • ‘It turns out, however, that shorter lacings are possible if the lace doesn't have to pass alternately through the eyelets on the left and right side of the shoe.’
    • ‘Wrap waxed linen thread through the eyelets twice and tie one knot.’
    • ‘A sampler follows a tablecloth onto the table, small white cotton squares on pink linen showing the proper way to handcraft a button hole, an eyelet hole, attach a hook.’
    • ‘Inside the boot's leather-and-nylon shell, an adjustable hook-and-loop heel strap, pulley eyelets, and cord laces snug up the quarter-inch-thick insulated liner.’
    • ‘For a tighter fit, people with narrow feet should buy shoes with eyelets farther away from the tongue than people with wider feet.’
    • ‘Well the strap can slip or the eyelet rings can break, and the whole lot hits the floor unless you have lightning reflexes.’
    • ‘Figure 7 shows an eyelet that is rounded only at its tip to accommodate the suture.’
    • ‘Push an eyelet through the fabric from the motif side; it should fit snugly in the hole.’
    1. 1.1 A metal ring used to reinforce an eyelet in leather or cloth.
      • ‘Chocolate brown velvet coats or trousers were decorated with cream leather flames or different-sized metal eyelets sewn in the shape of big butterflies.’
      • ‘The bodice was black with golden eyelets in which the silky lace lanced through, and it held together a golden evening gown that was low cut and flowed to her heels.’
      • ‘Insert small metal eyelets to avoid rippage of string holes’
      • ‘Even after Great Northern Industries bought the factory in the mid '60s, local residents could usually find work producing shoe eyelets and other metal there.’
      • ‘Also, my local store oils them and replaces the laces and any damaged eyelets for free.’
      • ‘‘Metal eyelets are very popular in all types of finishes from nickel to gold’ says Michael Nathel, vice president of sales.’
      • ‘Her shoes feature fish fin eyelets and rope straps.’
      • ‘Metal eyelets, invented in 1828, allowed for very tight lacing.’
      • ‘And then they went and put metal eyelets in them.’
      • ‘You can add a bit of glue to each eyelet before setting for added strength.’
      • ‘Available in all sizes and several metals, grommets - also called eyelets - can be found in crafts, hardware, and fabric stores.’
    2. 1.2 A small hole ornamented with stitching around its edge, used as a form of decoration in embroidery.
      as modifier ‘the white eyelet duvet’
      • ‘Scallop-edged eyelet and smocking provide a summery look, regardless of the season.’
      • ‘However, remember to keep your window treatments simple, using either French pleats or eyelets.’
      • ‘He spent upwards of forty-five minutes looking for the perfect eyelet sheets that I have always wanted.’
      • ‘As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on her window.’
      • ‘A tailored bed skirt smartens the bedding ensemble, while windows get dressed for summer year-round with white eyelet curtain panels.’
  • 2A small hole or slit in a wall for looking through.

    • ‘That worked great and meant no drilling holes and putting eyelets in drywall screwholes.’
    • ‘The tomb itself is almost like a miniature fortress, with sloping crenellated outer walls, complete with eyelets for archery.’
    hole, opening, aperture, gap, slit, slot, crevice, chink, crack, perforation, interstice
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verbeyelets, eyeleting, eyeleted

[with object]
  • Make eyelets in (fabric)

    ‘her dress is of the whitest fabric, all eyeleted, embroidered, sashed’
    • ‘From eyeleting to grommets to accessories, our company can help you with all your eyeleting needs.’
    • ‘Your best source for locating eyeleting machines suppliers.’


Late Middle English oilet, from Old French oillet, diminutive of oil ‘eye’, from Latin oculus. The change in the first syllable in the 17th century was due to association with eye.