Definition of eyehole in English:



  • A hole to look through.

    ‘hoods can be customized to adjust the eyeholes’
    • ‘Slowly and noiselessly, Justine pulled a little circle of wood away from the wall, revealing a little eyehole.’
    • ‘Through an eyehole you see a figure with a tiny flashlight that sweeps across you.’
    • ‘In particular the precise nature of the eyeholes and the density of the mesh (if any) varied.’
    • ‘Slowly, he heaved himself up on to his feet, and cautiously stepped up to the eyehole once more.’
    • ‘Pulling the blade back out of the small eyehole, Nainnam dropped the dagger to the floor as a throb of pain passed through his nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘For added comic effect I'd just print it out on a heavy card stock, cut out some eyeholes, tie a string around it, and it'll be just like those tacky things you used to cut out from the backs of cereal boxes and the like…’
    • ‘He remembered the gun, loot bag, getaway vehicle and driver, gloves, just about everything - except cutting eyeholes into his mask.’
    • ‘Sayba saw the fluid pass the eyeholes on his mask and watched it reach the roof.’
    • ‘Its wrought iron surface stared at him impassively, the fathomless depths of shadow that served as eyeholes piercing him like knives.’
    • ‘Tenille looked through the eyehole, to see who it was… but no one was there.’
    • ‘Views into the three numbered motel rooms through lensed eyeholes presented a similar mix of persistence and decay, presence and abandonment.’
    • ‘I wear a mask that covers the top and middle part of my face, leaving my eyes open to see with eyeholes and a little bit of my nose to appear.’
    • ‘Jimmy pushes back his hood, pulls down the balaclava, realizing as he looks through the eyeholes that it's not his, but Simon's.’
    • ‘She'd stopped holding the curtains open around midnight, and instead found a way to permanently form a small eyehole using pins.’
    • ‘His face was masked and the eyeholes in the mask were covered with the same silver material of his boots which reflected the light in odd patterns across the walls.’
    • ‘The one to the left of the doorway as one might enter the dining room from the south was a painted one that had lions on it above two reasonably-sized eyeholes.’
    • ‘Print on card stock, cut neat round eyeholes and string holes’
    • ‘Daddy, where are the eyeholes, I can't see, I can't see!’
    • ‘Apparently, the eyehole of a burqa limits your peripheral vision.’
    • ‘A strange sackcloth mask with two slit-like eyeholes is pulled over his head.’