Definition of eyecup in English:



  • 1A piece of an optical device such as a microscope, camera, or pair of binoculars which is contoured to provide a comfortable rest against the user's eye.

    • ‘A roof prism design, it sports central focusing, click stops on the eyepiece diopter, and helicoid eyecups.’
    • ‘The twist and pull eyecups can also usually be set to ‘in-between’ locations to fine-tune the eye's position to ensure an entire field of view.’
    • ‘These are equipped with rubber eyecups which may be folded down for use with corrective lenses.’
    • ‘The eyecup is even vented so it doesn't suck out your eyeball.’
    • ‘Eyeglass wearers will enjoy the extra-long eye relief of these optics with their rubber eyecups.’
    • ‘Adjustable eyecups work just as well for folks with glasses.’
    • ‘They feature fully multi-coated lenses and L-coated prisms, twist-up eyecups and are completely waterproof and have shock-absorbing rubber armor.’
    • ‘This is a long eye relief binocular, and by rolling down the eyecups, eyeglass wearers can truly obtain a full field of view.’
    • ‘A roof prism design, it features central focusing, click stop adjustable eyepiece diopter, and nicely contoured push/pull eyecups.’
    • ‘High-eyepoint eyepieces with lockable push-pull eyecups ensure a full field of view, and the unit is guaranteed to be water- and fog-proof.’
    • ‘It also has fold-down eyecups for those who wear eyeglasses.’
    • ‘Soft rubber eyecups fold down for use with glasses.’
    • ‘One thing noticeable right away was the available eye relief which, coupled with twist up eyecups, make them nicely useable with glasses.’
    • ‘These feature a bayonet mount, for easy and rapid changing, as well as push/pull eyecups.’
    • ‘The monocular produced a very bright, clear image, however, and we assume the binocular model of the same power, which does have eyecups, would too.’
  • 2

    another term for optic cup
    • ‘In this work the role of the eye cup in the maintenance of the lens-forming capacity of the cornea and pericorneal epidermis was studied.’
    • ‘At the stage of operation, the eyecup cells have an undifferentiated, embryonic appearance with numerous free ribosomes and scattered mitochondria.’
  • 3A small container used for applying cleansing solutions to the eye; an eyebath.

    • ‘The resultant tea is used to sprinkle over the eyes or used in an eyewash in an eyecup that can be readily purchased at most drug stores.’
    • ‘Do not use an eyecup, eye drops, or ointment unless the poison center instructs you to do so.’
    • ‘Pour the tea into an eyecup (available at drugstores) and bathe each eye for at least five seconds, and up to one minute.’