Definition of eye-watering in English:



  • 1Causing the eyes to water.

    ‘eye-watering Scotch bonnet chillies’
    • ‘We schlepped our bags down a dim hallway to our room, opened the door, and were greeted with an almost eyewatering aroma of disinfectant and cigarette smoke.’
    • ‘You may not think much about the onion, but this eye-watering vegetable has been cultivated for 5,000 years - ancient Egyptians considered it an object of worship.’
    • ‘If an eye-watering piri-piri sauce is your idea of the ideal barbecue accompaniment, then go for white wines with a good dollop of grapey sweetness.’
    • ‘Plucky hotel pair Pat O'Driscoll and Ian Lane suffered an eye-watering leg wax to raise cash for the tsunami appeal.’
    • ‘Apparently, after the Hollywood, and the Brazilian, the latest eye-watering craze is to have your nostrils waxed.’
    • ‘They range from eye-watering acidity to honey-soaked late harvest dessert wines.’
    • ‘The ornamental Christmas pepper is grown for its colourful fruits rather than for eating, although they are developed from Cayenne peppers and chillies and, if eaten, will provide similar eye-watering effects.’
    • ‘The eye-watering procedure will take place at Five Lakes Golf and Country Club on Friday as part of a huge number taking place as part of the annual fundraising event.’
    • ‘Another new product, a gin with an eye-watering alcohol content of 60 %, will go on sale at the start of September.’
    • ‘Thus, the wind renders me unable to see for all the blinking and eye-watering attempts to rid my eye of said debris.’
    • ‘Most of them have flowers of the eyewatering pinkish-scarlet which is characteristic of the species, with just a few in shades of brilliant coral for maximum clash.’
    • ‘For all you chileheads that are looking for a knock-you-into-the-next-room, eye-watering, throat-burning sauce, use habaneros or scotch bonnets.’
    • ‘She went on to describe in eye-watering detail the mistake the hospital had made and the ensuing pain and discomfort that simply wasn't going away.’
    • ‘And any thought of the eye-watering aroma of those French cigarettes evaporated at the cottage's spectacular setting with Loughros Bay on one side, Arranmore Island and Mount Errigal on the other - and Andara, Glenties, Narin and the boiling Atlantic in between.’
  • 2(especially of a figure or amount) extremely high or large.

    ‘an eye-watering 22% rise in business rates’
    ‘eye-watering pre-tax losses of £38.5 million’
    • ‘The Orpington cyclist has just finished circumnavigating the globe after 277 days relentless pedalling and covering an eye-watering 18,000 miles.’
    • ‘There are surrender charges, starting at an eye-watering 9% in the first year.’
    • ‘The amount you will have to find if you joined a final salary scheme at a younger age is even more eye-watering.’
    • ‘The fund was the worst performing stock fund in the first quarter of 1999 and recorded an eye-watering 50 per cent loss.’
    • ‘Firstly, it is doubtful whether there is such a shortage of cash, given the eye-watering additional amounts now being pumped into the system.’
    • ‘The eye-watering pay packets of modern footballers are a regular topic of debate in pubs and offices.’
    • ‘Last summer several British drivers caught hurrying on their way to Le Mans were each fined 750 euros, an eye-watering £500.’
    • ‘They are both capital cities with their own national parliaments, booming financial sectors, thriving economies and eye-watering house prices to match.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, BBC News reports that the inauguration ceremony and all its associated shindigs are estimated to have cost an eye-watering forty million dollars.’
    • ‘Meanwhile in the US, land of eye-watering college debts, 43% of those from the bottom quarter of income distribution go on to higher education.’
    • ‘In fact, an eye-watering average of $38 million is lost per incident.’
    • ‘Building work has begun on a new clubhouse for Chiswick Rugby Club with the help of some eye-watering fund raising.’
    • ‘I set off from Hutton-le-Hole and climbed up a hill before swooping into the valley at an eye-watering 38 mph.’
    • ‘Shares of 10 trusts have now lost an eye-watering 80% and more over the past year.’
    • ‘But many walk-on fares are now at eye-watering levels.’
    • ‘The total amount of footage now amounts to an eye-watering 400 hours of film.’
    • ‘On a price to sales basis, the multiple is an equally eye-watering thirteen to sixteen times.’
    • ‘The lowest standard rate of interest charged by credit card providers is an eye-watering 16.9 per cent.’
    • ‘My whirlwind trip started at the Wafi Shopping Centre, the most upmarket mall, which oozes celebrity fashion and eye-watering price tags.’