Definition of eye-rolling in English:



mass noun
  • The action of rolling one's eyes, typically as an expression of exasperation, disbelief, or disapproval.

    ‘there's been plenty of eye-rolling and head-shaking over the pronouncements’
    • ‘Permission for eye-rolling granted.’
    • ‘At least we now know those dark sunglasses function largely to shield the public from frequent bouts of eye-rolling.’
    • ‘Even suggesting tentatively that she might like to empty the dishwasher can cause serious eye-rolling.’
    • ‘"He's just a politician and he's fighting for his rights," he said reasonably, allowing himself only a little eloquently exasperated eye-rolling.’
    • ‘You can imagine the eye-rolling I got.’
    • ‘He welcomed eye-rolling from onlooking reporters.’
    • ‘You can hear the groans and see the eye-rolling, can't you.’
    • ‘Their threats to get into Gleneagles and "turf them out" are more likely to provoke eye-rolling and sniggering than real fear.’
    • ‘It's only a matter of time until post-punk or new wave invoke eye-rolling, but don't give up on the genre just yet.’
    • ‘No amount of eye-rolling was going to convince my captors that I really didn't need to participate.’
    • ‘Also, as always, the pretty girls and cops are on my side, most of them barely able to conceal their eye-rolling.’
    • ‘"This'll have to do, I guess," I said theatrically, all sighs and eye-rolling.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the movie is hindered by a few story inconsistencies and some instances of typical audience eye-rolling.’
    • ‘There would be lots of eye-rolling, heavy sighs and throat clearing, but rarely any argument.’
    • ‘There's been plenty of media eye-rolling about the California recall, but much of the coverage actually contributes to the wacky atmosphere it vaguely decries.’
    • ‘Watching the faces of the diggers in the background, I caught a lot of grinning and eye-rolling.’
    • ‘Other speakers spoke hopefully of a world organized into small confederations, eating food grown locally, a vision that understandably inspired eye-rolling from some of their fellow protesters.’
    • ‘People who ask me how it's going are met with groans, eye-rolling, whining about the taffeta that resides where my brain once did.’
    • ‘Slip the maligned term 'street theatre' into any conversation and you are guaranteed comic eye-rolling and wincing memories of zany clowns on stilts and wacky jugglers.’
    • ‘If eye-rolling made a noise, you wouldn't have been able to hear yourself think.’


  • Causing someone to roll their eyes in exasperation, disbelief, or disapproval.

    ‘the lines are delivered with eye-rolling attempts at whimsy and satire’
    • ‘Not a lot of realism but enough realism to avoid the eye-rolling moments induced by previous attempts on the franchise.’
    • ‘She arrived for her GL photo shoot in pink sweats and flip-flops, with no makeup and no eye-rolling diva demands about a restricted diet or off-limit topics of discussion.’
    • ‘Their love grows, and not in a Hollywood way, with fabricated scenarios and eye-rolling misunderstandings.’
    • ‘Even at their worst, the celebrity panel made for a thousand eye-rolling moments.’
    • ‘The comedy has some funny bits but relies on too many eye-rolling cliches for laughs.’
    • ‘The jokes are hit-and-miss, but the scenes that work are incredibly funny and help compensate for moments when the satire falls flat or for the occasional eye-rolling one-liner.’
    • ‘It's one of the great eye-rolling moments of life in New York: as subway riders try to jam onto a crowded train at rush hour, the conductor makes an announcement telling them to stay on the platform because "there's another train right behind this one."’
    • ‘There's nothing even remotely new or original here - in fact, the whole damn thing reads as a list of the most cliched, eye-rolling nonsenses in film.’
    • ‘The Boyfriend in a Coma drama in the early episodes in particular is over the top, but it is played with such sincerity that it is mostly heart-warming rather than eye-rolling.’
    • ‘I suspect that for people like Chris and me, who spent the 90s in the software business and heard this kind of eye-rolling stuff on a daily basis, this is especially hard to take.’
    • ‘There is a fine line between sweet glorious cheese and eye-rolling, forehead-slapping idiocy.’
    • ‘Such eye-rolling preciousness appears often enough to make the record a maddening listen.’
    • ‘For all the talk about his poise and command, he really is given to making some eye-rolling statements.’
    • ‘They may have been trying to be clever but it provided a moment of surely-unintended, eye-rolling comedy in what was supposed to be a grisly, dark horror film.’
    • ‘It held my interest despite several eye-rolling scenes in which characters say and do things that NO one would say or do in real life.’
    • ‘You missed the latest in a series of obtuse, eye-rolling interviews by the high school cheerleading squad that calls itself the news media.’
    • ‘There's an overwrought narration, some eye-rolling attempts to depict travel and time passage including pages being ripped from a calendar and a reasonable amount of sex.’
    • ‘Usually if a horror film takes itself too seriously it winds up being an eye-rolling embarrassment full of unintended laughs.’
    • ‘During the discussion about me adapting to the therapist's suggestions, my wife made an eye-rolling remark about me being reluctant to change.’