Definition of exult in English:



  • Show or feel triumphant elation or jubilation.

    ‘exulting in her escape, Lisa closed the door behind her’
    • ‘In a film that harps upon the convoluted manipulations of Ali by others, undermining his immense desire to be the greatest - you end up feeling sorry for the great man, rather than exulting in his exploits in the ring.’
    • ‘I'm going to be dancing all across the channel on the ferry, exulting in all my fresh true colours and being as cheerful as possible.’
    • ‘Jackson felt it in the steady beat of Lee's heart, a triumphant, reassuring sound the younger general silently exulted in.’
    • ‘‘How fresh this stale world seems,’ O'Driscoll exults.’
    • ‘‘I think it's wonderful that he's going to be removed,’ he exulted over the phone from Oakland last week.’
    • ‘Alberta teachers weren't the only ones exulting in their court victory last week.’
    • ‘You were exulting in your position as a leader in the front of the pack.’
    • ‘He alternately endured and exulted in self-imposed exile - France, California, Switzerland, Sydney.’
    • ‘It succeeds admirably, while exulting in a twisted demonic aesthetic.’
    • ‘She has examined hundreds of war pictures in family photo albums where soldiers exulted in the ‘deadness’ of the enemy.’
    • ‘They root for the hero, exult at his successes, are anxious for his triumph, and suffer at his reversals.’
    • ‘Clergymen rejoiced, exulted and stupidly expected that it would last.’
    • ‘Is he trustworthy enough so that you don't have to feel fearful about exulting over it in front of your conservative friends who seem mightily disdainful?’
    • ‘It was, almost, as if he was exulting in our miseries.’
    • ‘Afterward, demonstrators exulted, equating their seduction of the cameras with victory.’
    • ‘‘I've had it all,’ she exulted after her first book became a bestseller.’
    • ‘We see Liuzza running out into the street, exulting.’
    • ‘I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly, and exult in the agony of the torturing flames.’
    • ‘Its policies, the evangelical group Focus on the Family exults, have hit publishers ‘like a brick in the head’.’
    rejoice, be joyful, be happy, be pleased, be glad, be delighted, be elated, be ecstatic, be euphoric, be overjoyed, be as pleased as punch, be cock-a-hoop, be jubilant, be rapturous, be in raptures, be transported, be beside oneself with joy, be delirious, be thrilled, jump for joy, be on cloud nine, be treading on air, be walking on air, be in seventh heaven, glory, triumph, be triumphant
    rejoice at, rejoice in, take delight in, find pleasure in, take pleasure in, find satisfaction in, take satisfaction in, feel satisfaction at, find joy in, enjoy, appreciate, revel in, glory in, bask in, delight in, relish, savour, luxuriate in, wallow in
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Late 16th century: from Latin exsultare, frequentative of exsilire ‘leap up’, from ex- ‘out, upward’ + salire ‘to leap’.