Definition of exuberantly in English:


Pronunciation /ɛɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)ntli//ɪɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)ntli/


  • See exuberant

    • ‘He loved the song and danced it exuberantly, perspiration plastering his bangs across his forehead and sending his glasses sliding down to the tip of his nose.’
    • ‘A final score of 10-8 left the Oxford side celebrating exuberantly upon becoming National Student Champions.’
    • ‘My older brother has been exuberantly recounting shared moments with celebrities (with varying degrees of truth) for some time now.’
    • ‘They smiled exuberantly while mud clung to their hair in clumps, lined the crevices of their ears, nostrils, the rims of their helmets.’
    • ‘The students exuberantly shot out questions and he sat there answering them in equal spirit.’