Definition of extraterritoriality in English:



  • See extraterritorial

    • ‘However, the one point imposed by the Dutch on the Thais and greatly resented was the clause introducing extraterritoriality.’
    • ‘So for those reasons we submit that on the true construction of this legislation the principles about extraterritoriality remain and would prevent the Act applying in relation to a ship which is of the present type.’
    • ‘So there is an extraterritoriality, that is, significance is given as valid judicial proceedings to matters which include dealings outside New South Wales.’
    • ‘However the doctrine of extraterritoriality is expressed, it is a fiction, and legal fictions have a tendency to pass beyond their appointed bounds and to harden into dangerous facts.’
    • ‘The first was the revocation of extraterritoriality and the Nanjing Treaty tariff; the second was the continued influence of Japan in Shandong.’