Definition of extramural in English:



  • 1British (of a course of study) arranged for people who are not full-time members of a university or other educational establishment.

    ‘extramural education’
    • ‘The newer civic universities were also soon heavily involved in the work, later developing departments of extramural studies.’
    • ‘He was disappointed to hear that there were fewer opportunities for archaeology to thrive through extramural classes and continuing education.’
    • ‘Can I say to the member opposite that correspondence teaching is essentially what the university in his own area is a specialist in - extramural teaching in a wide range of courses is exactly what it does.’
    • ‘At 12, he began extramural studies with Massey University, graduating three years later with a degree in mathematics and computer science.’
    • ‘I cracked open my extramural course material today, flicked through some pages, and promptly freaked out.’
    1. 1.1 Additional to one's work or course of study.
      ‘extramural activities’
      • ‘Or, they should strike so as to affect only extramural activities.’
      • ‘The principles of academic freedom do not apply to extramural conduct.’
      • ‘Akani runs a feeding scheme and provides after school care with extramural activities such as sport, arts and drama, as well as trauma counselling when needed.’
      • ‘In the process the children were being deprived of a facility for their extramural activities.’
      • ‘Moreover, a 2.0 average allows the student to enter college preparatory courses and access extramural activities such as sports.’
  • 2Outside the walls or boundaries of a town or city.

    ‘the extramural cemetery in Brighton’
    • ‘ANF accomplishes its mission through three major functions: nursing research grants, extramural projects/grants and fund-raising.’
    • ‘The vast majority of academics evidently do without any extramural research funding or operate with minimal funding.’
    • ‘Many departmental faculty and researchers are recipients of over $14 million in annual extramural funding, and are acknowledged leaders in their fields.’
    • ‘Dr. Stover is director of the Division of Mental Disorders, Behavioral Research, and AIDS, one of three major extramural research divisions of NIMH.’
    • ‘In her leadership role, Gray will be responsible for the oversight of the more than 7,000 awards in NCI's extramural research portfolio.’
    • ‘The US Army recently has taken a different approach to managing extramural research from the approaches discussed above.’
    • ‘A number of research projects receive support from extramural grants, and researchers in each subdiscipline conduct their own special investigations.’
    • ‘Long-term, he sees the legacy of NIH's intramural research program and how that program may bridge to the extramural world as major topics for the Board.’
    • ‘Department of Agriculture intramural research will decline by 19 percent and extramural research grants will see a 28 percent cut.’
    • ‘According to the 1940 Statement of Principles, professors in their extramural utterances ‘should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for the institution.’’
    • ‘Testing in 1996, 1997, and 1999 was designed to avoid excavation of burials and consequently revealed only that several additional extramural areas of the residential zone contain burials.’
    • ‘A combination of closely managed extramural and intramural research efforts is needed to solve the immense technological challenges of the future.’
    • ‘Building instructional materials for the Internet requires significant time and effort; yet financial and professional rewards are typically attributed to extramural research funding, scientific publications, and patents.’
    • ‘But as it develops additional sites or connections with extramural entities, it can add modules designed to handle such communications.’
    • ‘NIDA's extramural research program supports a range of neuroscience and behavioral science research on the treatment and prevention of drug abuse.’
    • ‘The one burial of an adult in an extramural pit cannot be temporally related to the house despite its proximal location.’
    • ‘Like the Department of Defense, NIH relies heavily on peer-reviewed extramural and intramural research to solve problems requiring a discovery system of inquiry.’
    • ‘A variation on this arrangement was prevalent in the western coastal colonies, but in these and other coastal cities Demeter's extramural sanctuaries usually faced not the sea, but the interior.’
    independent, consultant, consulting, hired, temporary, freelance, casual, visiting, non-resident, external, peripatetic
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Mid 19th century (in extramural (sense 2 of the adjective)): from Latin extra muros ‘outside the walls’ + -al.