Definition of extralimital in English:



  • Situated, occurring, or derived from outside a particular area.

    • ‘Within the Rodentia, only extralimital localities are shown.’
    • ‘We suggest that no significant bat migration occurred in Nova Scotia in 2001, and unless distributional range has changed in recent years, we suggest that previous records of these species in Nova Scotia were probably extralimital.’
    • ‘Although we note the first breeding record of the red bat in Atlantic Canada, survey results suggest this species is probably rare and that previous records were probably extralimital.’
    • ‘With more than 320 illustrations, 418 color photographs, and numerous color maps which detail ranges and extralimital records, this well-produced book is an excellent resource for scientists, researchers, as well as enthusiasts.’
    • ‘In general, extralimital records are very inconsistently presented.’