Definition of extrajudicial in English:



  • 1(of a sentence) not legally authorized.

    ‘there have been reports of extrajudicial executions’
    • ‘Prisons are never happy places, and places of prolonged, extrajudicial detention and torture seem to retain their edge for a very long time.’
    • ‘The question is was it a mistake or an extrajudicial execution.’
    • ‘The armies have been accused of misbehavior, extrajudicial executions, forced enlistment, and child soldiering.’
    • ‘The ruling regime is accused of carrying out extrajudicial executions and forcing dissidents into exile.’
    • ‘But he stuck by the proposal of extrajudicial shootings.’
    1. 1.1 (of a settlement, statement, or confession) not made in court.
      ‘an extrajudicial offer does not carry the same penalty in expenses’
      • ‘For those who criticize his targeting as extrajudicial, let me say that we are sensitive to these concerns.’
      • ‘It was further alleged that confessions had been extracted under torture and that some of them had been compelled to make extrajudicial confessions which were broadcast on television.’
      • ‘Many of your Democratic colleagues, Senator Durbin, are concerned about these extrajudicial procedures.’
      • ‘The Appeals judges have effectively nixed that by ordering a 30 minute oral session on ‘conduct of trial and extrajudicial statements.’’
      • ‘Rarely today do federal courts inject themselves into extrajudicial adventures of the type that impugned their integrity in decades past.’