• 1as submodifier To a greater extent than usual; especially.

    ‘he is trying to be extra good’
    • ‘Hopefully, the sun will return this Thursday night to make the evening an extra special one.’
    • ‘And as an extra special appreciation of his service I left him twenty of the twenty-five pence to spend on whatever he wanted.’
    • ‘So we must make an extra special effort this year and see if we can win it outright!’
    • ‘British tourists in Kenya have been warned to be extra vigilant, particularly in the capital, Nairobi.’
    • ‘To make this an extra special night out a complimentary glass of mulled wine and a mince pie will be served!’
    • ‘When the cheers go up in Carlow on Sunday, let's hear an extra special one for the mums.’
    • ‘You're the one who always comes up with that extra cool, extra special way of doing any project.’
    • ‘I also resolve to read the Guardian extra hard when I get home.’
    • ‘I made an extra special effort to capture the essence of her performance through the lens of my daughter's digital camera.’
    • ‘Two hours later, Mother would have a start on the dinner, an extra special dinner judging by the smell.’
    • ‘People mattered, and especially that one extra special person on which his world hinged.’
    • ‘Let's take some time for ourselves, and make our sewing rooms extra special!’
    • ‘Local people are being asked to make an extra special effort to give blood on the day.’
    • ‘Unlike comic books, you have to think extra hard when you read novels because there are no pictures in novels!’
    • ‘Although the entire river is held to be sacred, Hindus believe that its source is of an extra special sanctity.’
    • ‘They have issued a warning to people to be extra vigilant especially as the dark winter evenings set in.’
    • ‘He said the firm tried to organise two different types of events every year for its staff and this time wanted to make an extra special effort.’
    • ‘Drivers are extra cautious along that particular stretch of the national highway, lest any cattle should cross the road.’
    • ‘Make the holidays extra special for those on your gift list by sending them a polar bear or snowy owl gift adoption today.’
    • ‘The money raised will go to try and make an extra special Christmas for his three young children.’
    exceptionally, particularly, specially, especially, very, extremely, singularly, peculiarly, distinctly
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  • 2In addition.

    ‘installation will cost about £60 extra’
    • ‘I went to Walt and said, I'd to play that part, too and I won't charge you a nickel extra.’
    • ‘Check how much extra it will cost you to pay your insurance premium monthly.’
    • ‘And apparently those that are improving their parking situation, are going to charge extra for it.’
    • ‘Be sure to buy a comfortable chair, and spend extra for it if necessary.’
    • ‘A cassette player is considered an option and costs extra.’
    • ‘There are certainly savings to be made but picking the wrong tariff could cost you £100 extra a year.’
    • ‘It will cost about £25,000 extra a month to keep airborne and all the money is raised by public donations.’
    • ‘It cost us 19 seconds extra to pull the bodywork away to get the wheel off and then to get the other wheel on.’
    • ‘The difference in the charges would be 60p extra for a two to three hour stay and 80p for a three to four hour stay.’
    • ‘The 10 extra we reported last week are in addition to this figure.’
    • ‘As long as I do this before paying, the barman can charge me extra for a table if he likes, so an argument in Spanish is hopefully avoided.’
    • ‘If you want to buy a bottle - bring back a bottle or else be charged 30c extra for the new bottle.’
    • ‘They often take you to the destination and charge a little extra.’
    • ‘Some boats make an additional charge for all pre-packaged drinks, whereas others charge extra only for alcoholic tipples.’
    • ‘As well as the weekly hotel costs, everything else costs extra.’
    • ‘She then asks how much extra it'll cost to get me added on once I pass my driving test.’
    • ‘While some restaurants charge extra for parcelling, the rest provide parcel facility as an add-on service.’
    • ‘This is despite the fact that cinema owners are notorious for charging at least Rs.10 extra on the ticket price.’
    • ‘The dealer told me they would be glad to, but it would cost several hundred dollars extra.’
    • ‘This meant he could help another child whose parents needed a little extra for some necessity or other.’
    in addition, additionally, as well, also, too, besides, over and above that, on top, on top of that, further, into the bargain, to boot
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