Definition of exteriorly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈstɪərɪəli//ɛkˈstɪərɪəli/


  • See exterior

    • ‘An exteriorly accessible rotatable member is associated with the one-way clutch mechanism for selectively deactivating the one-way clutch mechanism to prevent movement of the inner casing in the second direction.’
    • ‘Its anterior siphonal notch is shallow and not adjacent to the columella, and its two nearly parallel folds strengthen within the aperture and are less visible exteriorly.’
    • ‘Jim waited while the room cleared out, forcing himself to remain exteriorly calm as Lee Brackett stood and turned, seeing Jim sitting there.’
    • ‘As he was buried exteriorly we must be buried interiorly.’
    • ‘The lateral ends of the first primibrachials and first and second secundibrachials are in contact but moderately inset from the exteriorly convex medial part of the plates.’