Definition of extended in English:



  • 1Made larger; enlarged.

    ‘an extended kitchen and new balcony’
    • ‘Heparan sulfate is an extended, flexible chain of ~ 1 nm in diameter.’
    • ‘Lyle and Eric Love are also expanding the Tiki Hut to create an extended bar and BBQ area.’
    • ‘These relationships expand from the nuclear to the extended family, and then to the clan, the tribe and ultimately the nation.’
    • ‘A greatly extended crowd attended the weekly whist on Monday, April 14.’
    • ‘I look forward to introducing it to my kids and extended family.’
    • ‘Last Sunday, the Chernobyl children staying in the extended area, made Herbertstown their last stop.’
    • ‘Putting the rod up high on a double extended rod rest I sat on the low chair with wadered feet in the water.’
    • ‘The first stop was known as the Underground City, an extended set of caves dug into the ground to store food.’
    • ‘She describes daily life with her extended family, her experiences at school and her mother's piety.’
    • ‘Finally, in connection with finding a suitable extended model, we use the following conditional distributions.’
    • ‘He maintains that the sentence topic stated first in an extended text is frequently at the highest level in the semantic hierarchy.’
    • ‘What kind of material goes in the extended remarks?’
    • ‘They are also finding it harder to produce extended essays as they have become used to being given a lot of help with their work.’
    • ‘The 23 members of his extended family climbed onto a truck taking onions to market in Peshawar, he said.’
    • ‘Manufacturers are trying to compensate for this with new and extended features for their PCI RAID cards.’
    • ‘As with previous entries to the series, a Jedi has access to an extended arsenal of sorts via The Force.’
    • ‘They and their extended family have no significant relationship with him.’
    • ‘I'll place the rest of the discussion under the extended entry for those who haven't seen the film yet.’
    • ‘There are about 70 extended suppliers currently working with Harley.’
    inclusive, comprehensive, expanded, enlarged, widened, broad, far-reaching
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    1. 1.1 Lasting longer than is usual or expected; prolonged.
      ‘an extended period of time’
      • ‘The household became normal again, and Nathan and I took an extended trip into town with our son that summer.’
      • ‘Hopefully that will have happened, but if not brace yourself for another very extended championship season.’
      • ‘There are a number of ways to come and experience life here, whether for a short stay or for an extended period.’
      • ‘We watch an extended scene of her dancing in his arms, the lights growing low and dusky.’
      • ‘We all have similar stories, similar extended pasts.’
      • ‘The longer piece is the culmination of an extended thinking/writing process.’
      • ‘He adds that there has been a push for extended shelf life, driven primarily by the flavored milk category.’
      • ‘The increased durability and additional surface oxidation protection results in a low initial error rate and extended recording life.’
      • ‘Over several e-mails, phone calls and an extended face-to-face meeting, I learned about David.’
      • ‘We get an extended mental digression from him on how to emotionally distance oneself from crying people.’
      • ‘He had forgotten that he was still disqualified until he had passed an extended driving test.’
      • ‘An extended loan period, however, has not been ruled out.’
      • ‘Similarly, consumers will buy extended warranties on cars for a price.’
      • ‘The bonus material on the second disc is largely composed of extended interviews.’
      • ‘However, if this is not the case, then it may be necessary to introduce specific rules to protect purchasers of extended warranties.’
      • ‘The crew attempted to get their ships repaired and the extended stop allowed the men to regain their health.’
      • ‘A long-range goal of the Chinese expansion has been the development of a navy capable of extended tours far from home.’
      • ‘Mind you, it would have to be an extended scene.’
      • ‘You sell an extended warranty on everything short of the very air in the store.’
      • ‘Test out the new extended licensing hours and see how far they stretch.’
      prolonged, protracted, long-lasting, long-drawn-out, drawn out, spun out, dragged out, strung out
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