Definition of expressionistic in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˌsprɛʃ(ə)ˈnɪstɪk//ɛkˌsprɛʃ(ə)ˈnɪstɪk/


  • See expressionist

    • ‘Further technical freedom came with his adoption of watercolour as his chosen medium, and a more expressionistic approach to his subjects, whether visionary, landscape, or still life.’
    • ‘In this exhibition, viewers were able to compare expressionistic early works by each artist before moving on to examples of their mature output.’
    • ‘The works are an expressionistic mix of raw materials, typography, colour and artificial lighting, involving often quite bizarre detailing.’
    • ‘He produced a portrait which, though not unsympathetic, adopted an expressionistic intensity of colour more vigorous than anything he had attempted previously.’
    • ‘He began painting in an expressionistic style and produced collages, combining elements drawn from popular culture with his interests in European history, religion, and Byzantine art.’