Definition of expressionism in English:



mass noun
  • A style of painting, music, or drama in which the artist or writer seeks to express the inner world of emotion rather than external reality.

    • ‘We readily take the cinema as an expressionist medium because expressionism (broadly understood) takes the inside of people and projects it outward into the external world.’
    • ‘Sometimes the music of this period is associated with expressionism in art, but, as with impressionism, the use of the word in this context can be somewhat vague.’
    • ‘He developed an idiosyncratic, instantly recognizable style that combined figurative expressionism with influences from Klimt, Schiele and Austrian Art Nouveau.’
    • ‘This is a magical piece of theatre, with a streak of engaging, sly humour and playfulness that takes you into a theatrical world where naturalism and expressionism, realism and surrealism sit side by side.’
    • ‘While Stout eschewed the splashy gestures of expressionism, there is a deep, almost lyrical sensuality not only in his shapes, but in the sumptuous metallic texture of the graphite.’