Definition of exponentiation in English:



mass nounMathematics
  • The operation of raising one quantity to the power of another.

    • ‘Imposing time reversibility has the computational advantage that the matrix exponentiation can be carried out without much difficulty.’
    • ‘I was particularly dismayed at Lewand's treatment of modular exponentiation, which is the central operation in many cryptosystems.’
    • ‘Computing individual hexadecimal digits using that formula relies on a venerable technique known as the binary algorithm for exponentiation.’
    • ‘With ordinals you can do addition, multiplication and exponentiation - even infinitely often - but you can't do subtraction or division, as far as I know.’
    • ‘One of the main reasons for including an introduction to modular arithmetic is that the two most popular public key algorithms use modular exponentiation as their basic mathematical process.’