Definition of exponential function in English:

exponential function


  • A function whose value is a constant raised to the power of the argument, especially the function where the constant is e.

    • ‘He found the standard addition formulas for hyperbolic functions, their derivatives and their relation to the exponential function.’
    • ‘It was also in Berlin that he discovered the famous Euler's Identity giving the value of the exponential function in terms of the trigonometric functions sine and cosine.’
    • ‘For potassium, the shape of the curve could be fitted by a negative exponential function followed by a null linear function (constant value).’
    • ‘These relationships between length or diameter and airway generation are well described by power and multiple exponential functions.’
    • ‘Thus we can use the two infinite products on the left-hand sides as two different q-extensions of the exponential function.’