Definition of explosive cyclogenesis in English:

explosive cyclogenesis


mass nounMeteorology
  • A phenomenon or process in which there is rapid and sustained falling of barometric pressure in the centre of a low-pressure system, indicative of its strengthening into a powerful storm.

    ‘last week's explosive cyclogenesis over the Atlantic was due to a clash of cold Arctic air with warmer air from the south’
    • ‘However, following recent predictions of another explosive cyclogenesis, the Met Office said the front due to move across Britain over Boxing Day will be less spectacular.’
    • ‘Explosive cyclogenesis occurs when weather systems leave the relative stability of the US mainland and head east towards the Gulf Stream.’
    • ‘Other sea vessels were also impacted by the weather bombs - the colloquial term for explosive cyclogenesis.’
    • ‘A low pressure system underwent what is known as "explosive cyclogenesis" when it intensified rapidly with a steep decline in pressure, between Greenland and Iceland.’
    • ‘It's official name in the UK is explosive cyclogenesis, which sounds a little biblical, and no-less scary.’


1940s: see cyclogenesis.