Definition of exploratory in English:



  • Relating to or involving exploration or investigation.

    ‘surgeons performed an exploratory operation’
    ‘exploratory talks’
    • ‘This is not really taking a risk; it is more an exploratory probe into a new field.’
    • ‘Some exploratory visits are good to give you an idea of what kind of equipment you'll need, and what kind of state the place is in.’
    • ‘Music that sounded tentative and exploratory a few years ago now has its feet firmly on the ground.’
    • ‘He suffered a stomach wound, but an exploratory operation showed none of his organs was damaged.’
    • ‘Although no firm proposals have been lodged with the council, exploratory drilling has commenced and the company has made a survey.’
    • ‘Out-of-town contractors would carry out most of the exploratory efforts with their own crews.’
    • ‘The council said machinery was doing exploratory work and the council had not been aware of the souterrain.’
    • ‘Six elders from Manitoba and Saskatchewan made a long exploratory trek to Mexico in 1921.’
    • ‘Like any exploratory survey, the scientists are finding they have more questions now than when they set out.’
    • ‘Actual confirmation of the reserves would require detailed seismic work and exploratory drilling.’
    • ‘Despite a number of exploratory dives since its discovery in 1975, no one has yet been able to confirm the identity of the ship.’
    • ‘This study is exploratory in nature, proposing a combination of methods to investigate norms for a speech event.’
    • ‘First, oilers must drill one or more exploratory wells on the basis of their seismic data.’
    • ‘The talks appear to have been just exploratory discussions that did not go far.’
    • ‘Injuries occur most often during gall bladder operations, with exploratory laparoscopy coming second.’
    • ‘All analyses were exploratory, as the trial was not designed for this purpose.’
    • ‘Because the book has relatively little polemic, its character is markedly exploratory and tentative.’
    • ‘Further exploratory investigations were carried out to determine whether these were pertinent here.’
    • ‘Bill was the first to see his shortcomings and acknowledge the exploratory and experimental character of his work.’
    • ‘The referral had to be made carefully since in the wrong hands Rachel would end up in theatre having an unnecessary exploratory operation.’
    investigative, investigational, explorative, probing, fact-finding, analytic, searching
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Late Middle English: from Latin exploratorius, from Latin explorare (see explore).