Definition of exploitation in English:



  • 1mass noun The action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

    ‘the exploitation of migrant workers’
    • ‘She will not be making an anniversary cake to remember this fight against women's oppression and exploitation.’
    • ‘There is no one perfect solution to the complex problem of mass exploitation and oppression within the worldwide sex industry.’
    • ‘Many are drawing the conclusion that the oppression and exploitation they face are a result of the system itself.’
    • ‘In West Africa, the chocolate industry benefits from the exploitation of child workers in cocoa fields.’
    • ‘Along with exploitation, enslavement also bred intimacy, mutuality, and reciprocal dependency.’
    • ‘Their focus was more on reaping benefits from the exploitation of African labor.’
    • ‘We want to publicise the struggles of those who are organising against oppression and exploitation.’
    • ‘The easy way to put it would be that non-consensual oppression and exploitation is bad, consensual good.’
    • ‘In fact, many universities directly profit from the exploitation of the women and men around the globe who make the clothes that bear their logo.’
    • ‘However, according to Diana, many women do not wish to report their exploitation for fear of the potential consequences.’
    • ‘We want to end exploitation, oppression, injustice, inequality, poverty, hunger and violence.’
    • ‘We might describe feminism as a political project to understand and, therefore, to change women's inequality, exploitation, or oppression.’
    • ‘Worker exploitation and unfair wages are no laughing matter.’
    • ‘The hotel industry has thrived on maintaining low pay through the exploitation of cheap immigrant labor, and the situation in Minneapolis is no different.’
    • ‘Contrary to today's popular mythology about our past, slavery and exploitation were not taboo subjects then.’
    • ‘They demand that the State dedicate more resources to the protection of immigrant workers from exploitation.’
    • ‘These colonial machinations resulted in mass poverty, exploitation and oppression as the basic facts of life for the African.’
    • ‘This is a situation of gross exploitation of workers by businesses and their political mouthpieces.’
    • ‘In the anti-capitalist movement there is a tendency to argue that capitalism is simply a system of exploitation and oppression, and that nothing good has ever come out of it.’
    • ‘But it hasn't eliminated the fact of class exploitation.’
    taking advantage, making use, abuse of, misuse, ill treatment, unfair treatment, bleeding dry, sucking dry, squeezing, wringing
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  • 2The action of making use of and benefiting from resources.

    ‘the Bronze Age saw exploitation of gold deposits’
    • ‘The foremost weakness in the exploitation of timber resources in Zambia has been the absence of capacity to add value to the product.’
    • ‘The president is committed to the exploitation of energy resources in wilderness that just happens to be under the protection of the previous president's directives.’
    • ‘Not only the water but fish, sand and shorelines become subject to licensed exploitation, only those with cash or bribes can use them.’
    • ‘The agreement regulates the exploitation of water resources shared by Namibia and Angola.’
    • ‘Industrial development and the exploitation of resources left many parts of the Empire more economically self-sufficient than before.’
    • ‘The comuneros, the men who are entitled to benefit from forest exploitation, are expected to fight forest fires when necessary.’
    • ‘Experts have been speaking against the importing of grown trees for some time, blaming the practice for the exploitation rural natural resources.’
    • ‘In Congo, a new report into the exploitation of diamonds, gold and the rare ore, coltan, which is used in mobile phones, is due to be published soon.’
    • ‘Neither did they have the support of leaders from underdeveloped countries, who benefit from the exploitation of resources and labor in their own countries.’
    • ‘Sustainable development offers us a unifying concept for the exploitation of natural resources and the integration of environment and development.’
    • ‘Crippling debt repayments and the external exploitation of natural resources have channelled money out of countries that were never wealthy in the first place.’
    • ‘There is a need also to move away from a wealth creation approach based on the exploitation of natural resources.’
    • ‘Here, we are concerned with the exploitation of renewing resources by groups of foragers.’
    • ‘However, the exploitation of energy resources has been slow due to a shortage of capital and domestic political constraints.’
    • ‘Instead, agriculture will be benefited by improved exploitation of the available water before crops are subjected to severe drought.’
    • ‘There is much profit to be extracted from the ‘reconstruction’ program but the really big money is in the exploitation of oil resources.’
    • ‘Four main components indicate repeated use of this location as a seasonally occupied camp for the exploitation of riverine resources.’
    • ‘Currently, I think, we put a lot of emphasis on the exploitation of natural resources.’
    • ‘The drilling of new wells to provide water to settlements in the West Bank and Gaza involves the exploitation of previously untapped resources.’
    • ‘For the first time, specific measures would be put in place to ensure that communities benefit directly from the exploitation of mineral resources.’
    utilization, utilizing, use, making use of, putting to use, making the most of, capitalization on
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    1. 2.1 The fact of making use of a situation to gain unfair advantage for oneself.
      ‘the Government's exploitation of the fear of crime’
      • ‘Democracy is inconsistent with the official exploitation of fear and anxiety.’
      • ‘While anti-gun legislators and the liberal media praised the report, its exploitation of fear was not lost on others.’
      • ‘The exploitation of patriotic sentiment for private gain is hardly new.’
      • ‘In each case, however, free trade generally facilitates the full exploitation of these advantages.’
      • ‘Now, have you seen evidence in the campaign so far of the exploitation of fear?’
      • ‘Sensing that the left side of his defence was ripe for exploitation, they twice almost benefited from smart moves in this area of the pitch early on.’
      • ‘Our campaign was conducted without resorting to smear, ridicule or the exploitation of the current political situation.’
      • ‘Strong, bold leadership is essential to bring a halt to the exploitation of fear of change.’
      • ‘The problem though is that it's not a spoof or a joke but rather the exploitation of academic qualification for personal gain.’
      • ‘In the examples that I've browsed through, the exploitation of an advantage can only be achieved, if at all, by the most precise play.’
      • ‘It is a move, a maneuver or a style of play that is based on an exploitation of small advantages.’
      • ‘But this is less about love than about fear and the exploitation of it.’
      • ‘I had a fear of any exploitation of the situation for the sake of writing a poem, the getting of a reputation as a poet on the back of somebody else's suffering.’
      taking advantage, making use, abuse of, misuse, ill treatment, unfair treatment, bleeding dry, sucking dry, squeezing, wringing
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