Definition of explicitly in English:



  • 1In a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

    ‘the essay should state explicitly how the facts support the thesis’
    ‘she has explicitly rejected the theory of patriarchy’
    • ‘Sometimes, its message is explicitly political.’
    • ‘When Albert explicitly forbids playing in the greenhouse, the boy makes a beeline.’
    • ‘The heroines explicitly reject comfortable middle-class lives when they rebel against their parental figures.’
    • ‘It's not explicitly stated here, and that's a mistake.’
    • ‘The classic example is giving a speech to an angry mob, urging them (explicitly or implicitly) to attack someone or destroy some property.’
    • ‘I explicitly and unambiguously said the opposite.’
    • ‘He did not explicitly say he would get it done, but personally, I would be surprised if he did not.’
    • ‘The client had not explicitly stated green design as a goal, but the design team was interested in these ideas.’
    • ‘Like many mountain lovers, he couched his descriptions in explicitly religious terms.’
    • ‘The commission was designed explicitly to bridge the worlds of high finance and global health.’
    1. 1.1 (in reference to representations of sexual activity) graphically and vividly.
      as submodifier ‘explicitly erotic images’
      • ‘His tweeted chest shots are more telling than the explicitly pornographic photos that followed.’
      • ‘The ancients, and particularly the Greeks and the Romans, were more comfortable with explicitly erotic images than most moderns are.’
      • ‘He handles sex explicitly enough to attract charges of pornography.’
      • ‘His drawings themselves are major works of art and the show has a substantial selection, including a group of explicitly erotic subjects.’
      • ‘He is testing his audience with extensive nudity, explicitly sexual and violent film sequences, and four-letter language.’
      • ‘Aside from the one explicitly pornographic scene, the rest of the film manages to keep its pants on.’
      • ‘The explicitly sexual content of this image is also revealing.’
      • ‘All of his work is explicitly erotic.’
      • ‘His sculptures are among the most abstractly yet explicitly erotic artworks of the 20th century.’
      • ‘Just a page into the book the grandfather is caught red handed in an explicitly bizarre act of sex with a minor.’