Definition of explicative in English:


Pronunciation /ɛkˈsplɪkətɪv//ˈɛksplɪkeɪtɪv/


  • See explicate

    • ‘It's better to temper the praise, be firm, but not overly emotional and explicative in delivery.’
    • ‘Certainly you could show that ‘trailer moment’ of the bus blowing up without putting it in such overly explicative story context.’
    • ‘With such refinement or elaboration, the explicative power of the model can be realized to its fullest possible extent.’
    • ‘This correlation could be explained by a particular migration scheme from Europe to Brazil without the explicative need of natural selection.’
    • ‘Mr Phase performs in front of a screen of projected black and white static, along with the occasional caption and explicative comment.’