Definition of explication in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of analysing and developing an idea or principle in detail.

    ‘this term is meaningless without further explication and analysis’
    count noun ‘his explications of scientific concepts’
    • ‘His detailed explications of a single patient's symptoms, his willingness to share stories from his own life and his references to medical texts from earlier centuries are not only atypical of how most neurologists work today, they defy the status quo.’
    • ‘This distinction between wanting and valuing requires far fuller explication than it has received so far.’
    • ‘Although this is a complex topic requiring much more information for full explication, data from my laboratory reveal an intriguing pattern of findings.’
    • ‘There is not room here for a full explication of these distinctively Lutheran perspectives.’
    • ‘"Heathers" was a brilliant over-the-top explication of how it felt to attend high school in the 1980s.’
    • ‘The moment itself seems beyond rational explication, but this is less important than the narrator's search for the proper artistic expression of it.’
    • ‘This proposition is in need of more explication.’
    • ‘My first thought was that he was being a little extreme, but on further explication his reasoning seems sound.’
    • ‘His explications of scientific concepts can be equally reductionist.’
    • ‘A lot of those differences are obvious and don't require tremendous explication in the media.’
    1. 1.1 The process of analysing a literary work in order to reveal its meaning.
      ‘careful reading and explication of classical texts’
      • ‘Each essay is carefully balanced between situating the passage in its religious context and literary-critical explication of the text as such.’
      • ‘His explication of this poem demonstrates how precise its images are.’
      • ‘The Good Soldier is a text well trodden by critical explication.’
      • ‘In the space of a few introductory pages, before an explication of the selected novels, Mr Millard has to condense a certain amount of theoretical thought.’
      • ‘The following explication of a single poem by Alvarez also demonstrates the degree to which this interplay both permeates the content of her work and shapes her poetics.’
      • ‘Defend your claims with detailed explication of Hamlet's words.’
      • ‘Any attempt to give a final explication of the meaning of a text is doomed.’
      • ‘Few Afternoon Plays are prefaced by an array of talking heads, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, in an explication of the text.’
      • ‘Many people are devoted to the explication of the text but not to the experience of the text.’
      • ‘The classic literary explication of Coleridges' poem is that the river and the caverns are the human mind.’