Definition of explanans in English:



  • another term for explicans
    • ‘In his introduction, Rosenberg is at pains to point out that globalisation cannot be both explanandum and explanans, i e, it cannot simultaneously be the process of which it is itself the outcome.’
    • ‘According to deductive-nomological model, the explanation of a fact is thus reduced to a logical relationship between statements: the explanandum is a consequence of the explanans.’
    • ‘One might require that the explanandum be a priori deducible from the explanans, although it is controversial whether this is either a necessary or a sufficient criterion for explaining consciousness.’
    • ‘The explanans rests on two foundations: a cognitive argument and an evolutionary one.’
    • ‘A hypothesis of homology is the explanandum, the phenomenon that is to be explained; evolution provides the explanans, the explanation of the phenomenon.’


1940s: Latin, ‘explaining’, from the verb explanare.