Definition of explanandum in English:



  • another term for explicandum
    • ‘First, it is important to distinguish explananda of different types, and, in particular, to distinguish appetites from emotions.’
    • ‘The more coarse-grained and abstract the explanandum, the more likely it is that general systemic factors, such as class structure or the dynamics of capitalism, will play an important explanatory role.’
    • ‘A hypothesis of homology is the explanandum, the phenomenon that is to be explained; evolution provides the explanans, the explanation of the phenomenon.’
    • ‘In the short intervening period sociology has become obsessed with biology, and biology is asked to be the universal explanandum of humanity.’
    • ‘Explanation holds only when the explanans is conceptually related to the explanandum, and this can occur only at the same level of function.’


Late 19th century: from Latin, ‘something to be explained’, neuter gerundive of explanare.