Definition of expert in English:



  • A person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area:

    ‘an expert in health care’
    ‘a financial expert’
    • ‘They can get advice on a range of business subjects and can test their knowledge with the experts.’
    • ‘He was widely regarded by colleagues as one of the leading experts in his field.’
    • ‘No timescale has been set and the artist will be chosen in consultation with a panel of experts.’
    • ‘The street was cordoned off and forensic experts combed the area and the club for evidence.’
    • ‘With experts predicting further rises, we show you how to cut your fuel bills this winter.’
    • ‘In every area of life the experts are ready to smooth our path and tell us what to believe.’
    • ‘Memory experts use visual mnemonics as a way of remembering lists of information.’
    • ‘We asked the experts for tips on how to get a good deal on a buy-to-let mortgage.’
    • ‘He'd come home and tell us about talks they'd had at school from the police and other experts.’
    • ‘Some experts advise the use of wax or some other tacky substance to hold the dubbing in place.’
    • ‘Fire experts are still trying to establish the cause of a blaze in which a man died.’
    • ‘Bleaching your teeth, say dental experts, causes as much damage as a can of fizzy drink.’
    • ‘From the way they had cut the paintings from their frames, it was clear they were not art experts.’
    • ‘Buying rural property is a complex business that requires the help of genuine experts.’
    • ‘Industry experts believe the pain is likely to continue at least until the middle of this year.’
    • ‘Many experts who do not expect a crash think that house prices will stagnate for several years.’
    • ‘Many of us attend post-budget breakfasts where we hear what the experts have to say.’
    • ‘Army bomb disposal experts spent several hours examining the scene of the attack.’
    • ‘Unless you are comfortable laying decks or paving, it's best to get the experts in.’
    • ‘Even experts do not agree on how best to use your vote to influence parliament.’
    specialist, authority, pundit, oracle, resource person
    adept, maestro, virtuoso, master, past master, professional, genius, wizard
    connoisseur, aficionado, one of the cognoscenti, cognoscente, doyen, savant
    ace, buff, ninja, pro, whizz, hotshot, old hand, alpha geek
    dab hand
    maven, crackerjack
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  • Having or involving a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular area:

    ‘he had received expert academic advice’
    ‘I have a friend who is very expert at the language’
    • ‘Many who do get jobs go into coaching and providing expert advice to elite sports athletes.’
    • ‘Panels of expert judges have been shown to be reliable for setting standards.’
    • ‘It is a perfect book for beginners but will remain valuable for those that pursue the study to expert level.’
    • ‘All you need to do is take your skis into the shop and get some expert advice on the type you need.’
    • ‘If you are actually going to court, you will need the expert advice only a solicitor who knows your case can give.’
    • ‘He will provide expert analysis on the fourth and fifth test matches.’
    • ‘Just how expert they are seems never to be questioned or justified except here maybe.’
    • ‘We're quite expert at it, so the complaining shrieks and wails she utters are nothing to do with pain.’
    • ‘As if he hadn't heard her, he continued to steer the car, maneuvering it with expert skill.’
    • ‘It may well be that in such a case, it would be necessary to get some form of expert evidence about it.’
    • ‘There will need to be provision for witness statements and for expert evidence.’
    • ‘My task was to take him for a spin and let him cast his expert eye over my driving skills… or lack of them.’
    • ‘It was a source of delighted surprise to his friends to discover his expert knowledge of food and wines.’
    • ‘He was however an ardent and expert fisherman, and tended to haunt waters more suitable to that end.’
    • ‘Most of the day was spent learning new skills under the guidance of expert teachers.’
    • ‘Was it not rather his expert opinion that had to be treated with caution?’
    • ‘Their expert advice has meant the difference between a birdie or a bogey for countless golfers.’
    • ‘None of this is to deny the importance of forward planning based on expert knowledge.’
    • ‘We should listen to expert advice, but to slavishly follow it on every occasion defies logic.’
    • ‘So why does the idea of expert patients provoke such antipathy within the medical profession?’
    skilful, skilled, adept, accomplished, talented, fine
    master, masterly, brilliant, virtuoso, bravura, magnificent, marvellous, wonderful, outstanding, great, exceptional, superlative, formidable, excellent, dazzling, first-class, first-rate, elite, superb
    proficient, good, able, apt, capable, competent, clever
    experienced, practised, qualified, knowledgeable, well versed
    specialist, professional
    deft, dexterous, adroit
    au fait
    wizard, ace, stellar, class, crack, top-notch, out of this world, mean, a1, demon, genius
    shit hot
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Middle English (as an adjective): from French, from Latin expertus, past participle of experiri try. The noun use dates from the early 19th century Compare with experience and experiment.