Definition of experimentally in English:



  • 1By means of scientific experiment.

    ‘the existence of the electron was demonstrated experimentally’
    • ‘Predictions for this rate of migration agree with experimentally measured cell velocity.’
    • ‘The wave nature of the electron was experimentally confirmed in 1927.’
    • ‘The model was first proposed almost 15 years before molecular technologies were able to experimentally test and confirm it.’
    • ‘The equipment became a crucial part of the experiment, for its data experimentally verified the predictions.’
    • ‘This astounding result has been demonstrated experimentally not only in rats but also in other species.’
    1. 1.1 In a tentative way, without being sure of the outcome.
      ‘I glanced down at my left shoulder, rotating it experimentally’
      • ‘I experimentally tried out some beginner's warm up stretches and poses.’
      • ‘Out of the corner of my eye, I had seen her unwrap the gum, pop the wad in her mouth and chew it experimentally.’
      • ‘Once a bay mare had been saddled and she had been given instructions on how to guide the beast, she hefted herself into the saddle and experimentally squeezed its barrel as she had been shown to.’
      • ‘She experimentally loosened her grip to inspect the wound.’
      • ‘They suggested the Park Service experimentally allow kayaking on park rivers for a year.’
  • 2archaic As the result of experience as opposed to authority or conjecture.

    ‘to whom does God experimentally reveal the eternal purpose of His grace?’
    • ‘No man is called by God to preach the gospel who does not know the gospel, both doctrinally and experimentally.’
    • ‘They that "know the truth," the truth of the gospel, spiritually and experimentally, especially that great truth, free and full salvation by Christ for sinners, "the truth shall make them free," set them at liberty, and fill them with joy and peace.’
    • ‘Do we know him, experimentally, as our Helper?’
    • ‘Intrinsic to the notion of divine love is its authorizing creation to strive experimentally for a genuine independence vis-a-vis its creator.’