Definition of expenditure in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of spending funds.

    ‘the expenditure of taxpayers' money’
    • ‘Taxes rise by stealth to fund public expenditure, yet public services do not improve.’
    • ‘Aggregate demand has so far been sustained, in the main, by consumer spending and targeted government expenditure.’
    • ‘It is the role of this parliament and the House of Representatives to supervise the expenditure of funds.’
    • ‘He portrays himself as a tightwad who is tight on the purse, spends nothing, drops taxes, and holds back on expenditure.’
    • ‘This in turn results in inefficient administration and inefficient expenditure of available funds.’
    • ‘There were plenty of funds and other areas of expenditure that the council could have reviewed to compensate for this.’
    • ‘By this time his enormous expenditure on scientific study had used all his family's funds.’
    • ‘The purpose or effect of this bill would be to require a new or increased expenditure of local funds within the meaning of Amendment 621.’
    • ‘The Commission had repeatedly tried to insist on additionality as a principle for structural fund expenditure.’
    • ‘It will also exclude funds which have been allocated for expenditure within the year.’
    • ‘Is the Union Government prepared to present details of income and expenditure of the additional funds generated?’
    • ‘The institution of new awards need not necessitate the expenditure of additional funds.’
    • ‘Analysts on Tuesday said it was a risky move and the money would be better spent on the airline's rising capital expenditure.’
    • ‘The company spent less than 20 per cent of capital expenditure on advertising and marketing.’
    • ‘What we seek to do alone is to prevent what we say is the unauthorised expenditure of public funds.’
    • ‘The account represents the customer's liquid funds available for everyday expenditure.’
    • ‘Each party must break down its expenditure under a number of headings for each tranche of funding it receives from the state.’
    • ‘Political party expenditure at election time should be limited very strictly and funded by government.’
    • ‘Last year, semiconductor companies spent $28 billion on capital expenditure.’
    • ‘Those monies cannot be used to fund her reasonable budget but they will augment her expenditure because they contain a roof element.’
    spending, paying out, outlay, disbursement, doling out
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    1. 1.1 An amount of money spent.
      ‘cuts in public expenditure’
      • ‘They've got the perfect mechanism for shifting expenditures from the public to the private sector.’
      • ‘He advised against an increase in public expenditures and a lower payroll tax.’
      • ‘Capital expenditures that can cut costs also are apt to find a receptive audience.’
      • ‘Capital expenditures by both public and private schools have soared as have the outlays for labor.’
      • ‘To what extent does the public have a right to know about the details of these public expenditures?’
      • ‘They get hold of all expenditures and public facilities allocated to sport in every state.’
      • ‘This path of development would be prohibitive without continued or increased public expenditures.’
      • ‘The key assumptions used to estimate expenditures and revenues also are quite conservative.’
      • ‘It is the amount by which their expenditures exceeded their receipts.’
      • ‘In addition, all the members have donated money to support the practices and daily expenditures.’
      • ‘The deterioration in the national economy is continuing at a frightening rate, as government expenditures hit the roof.’
      • ‘Since no specific price is available for these expenditures, price indices are used.’
      • ‘If the loan is just to fund Christmas expenditure then it is advisable to phase the payments over a period of no more than 12 months.’
      • ‘He has cut government expenditures by reducing the public service by almost half.’
      • ‘Those expenditures will cover the cost of new processes and equipment in the upgrading area.’
      • ‘No awesome police powers or public expenditures were involved in this program.’
      • ‘Some of the revenue will be disbursed for routine expenditures estimated at Rp 196 trillion.’
      • ‘The advance in prices increased both government expenditures and debt.’
      • ‘Over time, he said, it could force state and local governments to cut expenditures.’
      • ‘However, it is unclear if this will completely save the university from the need to cut expenditures in other areas.’
      outgoings, costs, payments, expenses, overheads, dues, money spent
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    2. 1.2 The use of energy, time, or other resources.
      ‘work is the expenditure of energy’
      • ‘Weight gain and decreased energy expenditure contribute further to the existing insulin inertia.’
      • ‘Energy expenditure whilst flying is limited as most passengers sit in their seats for most if not all of the journey.’
      • ‘We could have a heater, but that requires a battery and some expenditure of energy.’
      • ‘He is also exploring the effect of experimental changes in body weight on energy expenditure in humans.’
      • ‘Perhaps the parameter of total energy expenditure is the relevant variable that needs to be confirmed.’
      • ‘Obesity is due to an imbalance between energy consumption and energy expenditure.’
      • ‘This means that a mountain top is a good place to change direction of travel, with little expenditure of energy.’
      • ‘When there is an imbalance between caloric intake and energy expenditure, the excess is stored as fat.’
      • ‘This can be done however, at any intense expenditure of energy.’
      • ‘In fact, avoid energy expenditure as much as possible to allow your muscles to fill up.’
      • ‘Downstream trends of alluvial channel geometry have also been explained in terms of energy expenditure.’
      • ‘Birds are opportunistic and tend to feed at plants that offer the most reward for the least energy expenditure.’
      • ‘It also saves on petrol and energy expenditure, making the process more eco-friendly.’
      • ‘The aim is to increase energy expenditure by walking more and thus preventing weight gain.’
      • ‘This can be a great tactic, as the fish makes the most of an opportunity for a big meal with minimal energy expenditure.’
      • ‘A particular advantage of the questionnaire is that it quantifies all elements of daily energy expenditure.’
      • ‘He was exhausted from his expenditure of energy on the hilltop so he decided that sleep was probably best.’
      • ‘The expenditure of time and energy on the part of the dealers is enormous.’
      • ‘The measure of energy expenditure comes from a process known as doubly labeled water.’
      • ‘Well, in the interest of expenditure of energy, you only remember the things that you need to remember.’
      exhaustion, using up, use, consumption, expending
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Mid 18th century: from expend, suggested by obsolete expenditor ‘officer in charge of expenditure’, from medieval Latin, from expenditus, irregular past participle of Latin expendere (see expend).