Definition of expeditionary in English:



  • attributive Of or forming an expedition, especially a military expedition.

    ‘an expeditionary force’
    • ‘Much has been written over the past few years about how the Army must transform to become a joint and expeditionary force.’
    • ‘The Army must develop joint and expeditionary views, to transition to combat faster.’
    • ‘That will be the dangerous business of Army rangers, Marine expeditionary units, and other special forces.’
    • ‘An enemy will try to exploit this advantage to deny access to our air and space expeditionary task forces.’
    • ‘Its stated purpose is to improve current and future expeditionary warfare capabilities.’
    • ‘Soldiers and civilians in this vast theater have a firm appreciation for what it takes to have an expeditionary mind-set.’
    • ‘The expeditionary Army will be no different from the wartime and peacetime armies that preceded it.’
    • ‘The Air Force is an expeditionary service, so its security forces should be equally expeditionary.’
    • ‘The whole population feared a new war, but an engineer led a mutiny in the fleet and the expeditionary force was called home.’
    • ‘As a result, much of the Army was expeditionary during the Cold War.’
    • ‘We must remember that the Army will always fight in a joint and expeditionary context.’
    • ‘It better complements the expeditionary nature of the Corps' current warfighting concepts.’
    • ‘As Chief of Staff of the Army, the General has said, the Army needs an expeditionary mindset.’
    • ‘Arguably, this war was the first use of effects-based operations by an expeditionary force.’
    • ‘One such vessel was tested at a Marine Corps expeditionary division.’
    • ‘The Army should certainly be an effective participant in expeditionary operations.’
    • ‘Timely supply routes and methods can be activated and tested in advance of the deployment of expeditionary forces.’
    • ‘As the Air Force has become more expeditionary, the focus on fitness has increased.’
    • ‘As a Joint or Coalition expeditionary force, interoperability is not an option.’
    • ‘In 1900 he served on the staff of the expeditionary force sent there to crush the Boxer rebellion, thus attracting the notice of the kaiser.’