Definition of expansive in English:



  • 1Covering a wide area in terms of space or scope; extensive.

    ‘expansive beaches’
    • ‘Yet much of the current discussion uses the term in a more expansive way to mean just about any comprehensive worldview.’
    • ‘To provide sufficient privacy while still getting the expansive outdoor living spaces he and his family wanted, he'd have to come up with some clever maneuvers.’
    • ‘The Black Rock Desert is a place of sublime expansive space.’
    • ‘The going wasn't easy, as they fought their way out of a thick bramble forest the first day, and, during the second day, found themselves entering a wide, expansive plain.’
    • ‘The buffet runs Sunday to Friday and is held in the large expansive dining area that runs off the hotel's foyer area.’
    • ‘This expansive yard and storage area will be a focal point for the festival.’
    • ‘So, when I pull into the parking lot and see the expansive empty area in front, it almost appears as if the store is closed.’
    • ‘Notice the wider decorative elements which function as an expansive area for the picture.’
    • ‘It continues to thrive as an expansive gallery space where, in a relatively short period of time, you can view works from more than 60 artists.’
    • ‘Pendant lamps and a simplified pattern of coffers lend definition to the dining area, while in the more expansive family room area, the ceiling rises to a peak.’
    • ‘This thankfully flat area of expansive squares and elegant, grid-patterned streets is Lisbon's main shopping precinct.’
    • ‘Unlike the destruction caused by an earthquake, which may affect several buildings across an expansive area, this disaster involved many buildings and a massive debris pile in a small, confined area.’
    • ‘This is a little village, a farm, a pub, a few old sandstone houses and an expansive sea view wide enough to show the curve of the earth.’
    • ‘The results of this review are sufficiently encouraging to warrant further and more expansive studies in this area of considerable public health importance.’
    • ‘As a farmer, he proved canny in cattle dealing and land purchase with the result that his holding is now one of the most expansive in the area.’
    • ‘He is proving to be a capable fielder - even in the expansive area of his home park.’
    • ‘Along with five cinemas, the largest of which can seat 250 customers, there will also be a coffee shop and seating area in the expansive lobby.’
    • ‘This day's lunch was prepared and offered within the expansive area of the teaching kitchens, a change from the previous evening.’
    • ‘Business travellers will appreciate the expansive meeting space and a business centre which offers secretarial support and translations.’
    • ‘When you have a substantial home surrounded by a small yard, it can be difficult to create the illusion of having an expansive garden and inviting spaces for outdoor living.’
    extensive, sweeping, rolling
    wide-ranging, extensive, broad, wide, all-embracing, comprehensive, thorough, inclusive, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary
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  • 2(of a person or their manner) relaxed and genially frank and communicative.

    ‘he was in an expansive mood’
    • ‘Something about it fills us with such joy that we are able to let go of our every day petty grievances and be the full and expansive people we are.’
    • ‘We start low and slow but ultimately we should always find a very ecstatic and expansive manner in which to proclaim our peace.’
    • ‘He never went further than that to his family, though it's possible that he was more expansive as an evening wore on at the Navy Club among old comrades.’
    • ‘I'm a talker and an expansive extrovert, yet in my poetry, particularly my lyrical poetry, I like to have things as distilled as possible.’
    • ‘They provide a perfect context for the aestheticized sophisticate, validating his expansive personality and style.’
    • ‘It may just be that you're expansive and not good at playing games or hiding your feelings.’
    • ‘He was expansive and funny and didn't ask questions.’
    • ‘His father was an outgoing, large and expansive man while his mother was a polite, passive person who Tom describes as a pushover.’
    • ‘A colossus - in girth at least - he felt he could engulf the United States in his expansive personality.’
    • ‘The women were more expansive when offered the chance to suggest the kinds of services they would like to see offered in the community.’
    • ‘The officers seem to have been chosen for this task by sheer force of their outgoing, expansive personalities.’
    • ‘She is a very charismatic actor so it doesn't take all that much to establish her as a beloved, expansive grandmother, endlessly giving and loyal.’
    • ‘At fourteen, Patrick had an expansive personality, one built to collide with rectory decorum.’
    • ‘The reason it worked as a film - even if it didn't do any business - is that the characters were always expansive.’
    • ‘Although it would probably work, while inebriated Chris tended to have a massively expansive personality, and he exaggerated an awful lot.’
    • ‘It's not that they were perfect, but they were expansive, engaged and disciplined.’
    • ‘People are really expansive and ready to be up there and give of themselves you know, and be at their best.’
    communicative, forthcoming, sociable, friendly, outgoing, unreserved, uninhibited, open, affable, amiable, genial, chatty, talkative, conversational, garrulous, loquacious, voluble, effusive, demonstrative, extrovert, extroverted
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  • 3Tending towards economic or political expansion.

    ‘expansive domestic economic policies’
    • ‘Hours after getting the Nobel news on October 10, he spoke to reporters about his expansive approach to economics.’
    • ‘What if at any moment either of them had advocated an expansive view of sexual politics?’
    • ‘His ambitious Great Society symbolized the expansive policies of liberalism.’
    • ‘And when there are people looking for work and they can't find a job, it means we're going to continue to try to put pro-growth, expansive policies in place.’
    • ‘This is the most expansive of the regional political models.’
    • ‘However, if negative surprises act as negative shocks, expansive monetary policy is likely to lead to inflation.’
    • ‘In a commencement speech at military school, the president announced an expansive new policy of pre-emptive military action.’
    • ‘One expense is budgetary, the price of an expansive foreign policy.’
    • ‘The finance ministers had managed to limit the impact of fiscal retrenchment somewhat by an expansive monetary policy.’
    • ‘After all, has any empire ever managed to be both expansive and politically correct?’
    • ‘In 1856 the financial climate was favorable to a more expansive policy towards company formation.’
    • ‘But underlying that narrowly expansive go-it-alone foreign policy are the Republican wars here at home.’
    • ‘As an economic system, capitalism is expansive: there is a never-ending search for new markets and more profit.’
    • ‘A vibrant and expansive economy produces jobs and innovations.’
    • ‘But although torpedo boats might defend the capital, they were of no account in an expansive foreign policy; it was battleships and bases which were needed.’
    • ‘Overly expansive government policies would raise inflation and cause a balance-of-payments deficit, which put downward pressure on the pound.’