Definition of expansion bolt in English:

expansion bolt


  • A bolt that expands when inserted, no thread being required in the surrounding material.

    • ‘While most find electric pylons an eyesore, for Brower even a climber's expansion bolt left in the mountain is offensive - an ‘ego-bolt’, as he calls it.’
    • ‘Three types of floor anchors exist: cast-in-place coil, post-installed expansion bolts, and post-installed self-threading bolts.’
    • ‘He participated in the first ascent of New Mexico's Shiprock; later, as an environmentalist, he would lament the rock damage caused by the expansion bolts and pitons used on the climb.’
    • ‘This ascent took ‘45 days spread over a period of 18 months; a total of 675 pitons and 125 expansion bolts were used.’’
    • ‘He was climbing in an era before it became acceptable to drill expansion bolts directly into the rock for protection.’