Definition of exosolar in English:



  • ‘the discovery of exosolar planets’
    another term for extrasolar
    • ‘The Kepler telescope, launched in March 2009, is pointed towards a section of sky that is most likely to find exosolar planets: worlds outside our own solar system.’
    • ‘A lot of the exosolar systems we've discovered are packed densely with planets, which allows the other exoplanets to have similar effects, pulling their fellow planets forward and back as they orbit.’
    • ‘This work could be significant to our understanding of exosolar systems.’
    • ‘My speculation is that somewhere and somehow a galaxy or at least a cluster collided with our Milky way and our solar system captured at least one exosolar asteroid belt from a stray star.’
    • ‘Last week the news was finding water vapor and carbon monoxide in the most recent exosolar version of Jupiter.’


1980s: from exo- + solar.