Definition of exoneration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of officially absolving someone from blame; vindication.

    ‘the defendants' eventual exoneration’
    • ‘You can see from the blue on this map, exonerations have been won in 31 states.’
    • ‘Herring is continuing to press for complete exoneration.’
    • ‘A subsequent exoneration of Sterlite by the Securities Appellate Tribunals left many questions unanswered.’
    • ‘Kodama and his kind were to win eventual exoneration for themselves, and the Imperial Family, of any war crimes guilt.’
    • ‘Fifteen years later, Rangel is still seeking exoneration.’
    • ‘He admitted to the crime, but a DNA test eventually led to his exoneration.’
    • ‘On this particular disc, though, there is an offense for which there is no exoneration.’
    • ‘The question is how the exoneration of convictions should be carried out.’
    • ‘In 1999, the Innocence Project analyzed 62 exonerations in the United States.’
    • ‘It did not deliver all the exonerations for which Downing Street was looking.’
    • ‘Although DNA exonerations are commonplace in the US, the same can hardly be said for the UK.’
    • ‘The report is full of similar exonerations on flimsy grounds.’
    • ‘I think his memory deserves some sort of exoneration by your government.’
    • ‘The court took note of the recent exonerations of many inmates on death row based on DNA evidence.’
    • ‘The latter proved that total exoneration of the government turns out to be no exoneration at all.’
    • ‘Kilpatrick says he's looking forward to complete exoneration.’
    • ‘Over the past year, Australia has seen the exoneration of several individuals.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the wave of exonerations continues across the country.’
    • ‘Of the 328 exonerations they identified in the intervening years, 145 involved DNA evidence.’
    • ‘DNA has led to the exoneration of literally dozens of people on death row over the past 10 years.’
    vindication, freeing from blame, absolution, acquittal, discharge
    immunity, exemption, indemnity, dispensation
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  • 2The release of someone from a duty or obligation.

    • ‘In that sense, the entitlement to reimbursement or exoneration confers a priority in the further administration of the trust.’
    • ‘With this realization will hopefully come progress towards your exoneration.’
    • ‘In practice, cases where ex-gratia compensation is paid on grounds other than serious default or complete exoneration will be very rare.’