Definition of exogenic in English:



  • Formed or occurring on the surface of the earth.

    Often contrasted with endogenic
    • ‘I propose the term exogenic fulgurites (formed at or above the earth's surface) to distinguish this class from subterranean varieties.’
    • ‘They're something other than just craters and surface features which are formed by exogenic processes.’
    • ‘At the discovery outcrop, the black glass-lined effusion crater with its glassy tendrils marks the transition from subterranean fulgurite tubes to exogenic styles of formation.’
    • ‘The distinction between the cycling processes at, or near, the Earth's surface and those in the Earth's deeper interior found its way into the scientific terminology, which distinguishes between exogenic and endogenic cycles.’
    • ‘No devitrification textures are noted in either the exogenic or terrestrial varieties.’