Definition of exodermis in English:



mass nounBotany
  • A specialized layer in a root beneath the epidermis or velamen.

    • ‘There were no visible differences in the development of endodermis, exodermis and aerenchyma between the two varieties and growth conditions.’
    • ‘After switching to UV illumination, a clear image of the fluorescent exodermis allowed observation and measurement of its component cells.’
    • ‘The root endodermis and, to a lesser extent, exodermis have been identified as possible membrane control points for radial water flux in roots.’
    • ‘In the endodermis and exodermis of roots, the apoplastic flow component can be modified by the existence of apoplastic barriers.’
    • ‘Thus, water channels in the epidermis and/or exodermis of the older regions were especially significant for water flow.’


Early 20th century: from exo- ‘outside’, on the pattern of endodermis, epidermis.