Definition of exit interview in English:

exit interview


  • An interview held with an employee about to leave an organization, typically in order to discuss the employee's reasons for leaving and their experience of working for the organization.

    ‘in his exit interview, he suggested to HR that a counsellor within the office would have been a great help’
    • ‘Try to understand the reasons employees have terminated their employment with the firm by conducting exit interviews.’
    • ‘The inspector must conduct an exit interview with an authorized representative of the operation.’
    • ‘A person should be given an "exit interview", and not merely a pink slip.’
    • ‘He urged all firms to carry out exit interviews when staff are leaving because they provide invaluable information on how to better run a firm and aid future selection processes.’
    • ‘I advise my clients not to do online exit interviews, unless their company says it's going to withhold the last paycheck.’
    • ‘The magazine has tips on conducting exit interviews.’
    • ‘If possible, exit interviews should be held on the day the employee is leaving.’
    • ‘The authority is working to make better use of exit interview feedback to assist managers in improving performance.’
    • ‘The success of exit interviews rises and falls with the candor of those being interviewed.’
    • ‘If it is possible, exit interviews should be undertaken by someone out of the individual's line of management, for instance a personnel officer.’