Definition of exilic in English:



  • Relating to a period of exile, especially that of the Jews in Babylon in the 6th century BC.

    • ‘With virtually no international audience that speaks their language outside their home territories, they find no outlet for exilic work.’
    • ‘Memories of the first two phases of their ancestors' traumatization were continually reinforced by liturgies of lament in the exilic community.’
    • ‘The fourth is the renowned exilic culture place of a number of past dynasty dignitaries of great literary talent.’
    • ‘But attributing the differences in exilic experiences to variations of leadership is not satisfying.’
    • ‘But only in that precarious exilic realm can one first truly grasp the difficulty of what cannot be grasped, and then go forth to try anyway.’
    • ‘The narrative development of Carlos Garcia's character illuminates one aspect of the exilic existence, allowing the author to impart that the consequences of living in political terror are far reaching.’
    • ‘She argues for two different traditions with two different ideologies in this prose source, one of them centered in Judah, the other centered in the exilic community of Babylon.’
    • ‘These two principles were developed by the exilic community in Babylon, and carried by the returnees to the homeland in Palestine.’
    • ‘It appears that the exilic community was in risk of losing a positive identification with Israel because it was overwhelmed with its self-knowledge as the rejected and disobedient one.’
    • ‘Thus the exilic community members, when they returned to the land, were not reclaiming land rights based on their possession of the land in the past, but were allowed to live there by imperial permission.’
    • ‘These writers, increasingly referred to as the third generation of Francophone writers, have thematized identity and otherness as conditioned by their location in the diasporic and/or exilic space.’
    • ‘This theology represents a combination of the Shekinah theology that is oriented on the temple in the pre-exilic period and the Shekinah theology oriented on the Israel of the exilic period.’
    • ‘They indicate a kind of exilic quality that is developing in evangelical storytelling as the American evangelical subculture learns to negotiate post-Christian America.’
    • ‘The returnees, led by the priests, represented exilic values and ideologies, which they brought home with them.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the variety of ethical responses to the exiles’ changing circumstances functions as a survival strategy for the endangered exilic community.’
    • ‘Very clearly he included it among the Prophets, along with Solomon's prophetic parable of love and the exilic and postexilic books of history, all of which were composed from a prophetic perspective.’
    • ‘Chapter 1 describes the versions of the Geneva Bible printed outside of England prior to 1575 and how they reflected the exilic community in Calvin's Geneva.’
    • ‘For example, he juxtaposes the pre-exilic, exilic, and post-exilic texts in the book of Isaiah but fails to describe how the meaning of original traditions may have changed within the framework of the post-exilic scroll of Isaiah.’
    • ‘The continent is still commonly perceived as a magnet attracting exilic individuals who battle to create a congenial and convivial environment for themselves.’
    • ‘The complexity and the paradox of exile are manifested through different configurations of the exilic absence.’