Definition of exhaustively in English:



  • In a way that includes or considers all elements or aspects; comprehensively.

    ‘the book is a scholarly study, exhaustively researched’
    • ‘The exhibition and the exhaustively illustrated catalogue that accompanies it are notable for offering the most extensive record of the artist's extraordinary and varied career to date.’
    • ‘The Scarlet Letter's many enigmas have been exhaustively explicated.’
    • ‘This means he must test his strategies exhaustively to ensure they work.’
    • ‘The book is exhaustively researched and referenced.’
    • ‘The original meaning of the establishment clause has been exhaustively debated by scholars and Supreme Court Justices.’
    • ‘His feet of clay have been exhaustively exposed in the years since his death.’
    • ‘Of course, being an anthology which combines more than a dozen key issues, none of the issues are dealt with exhaustively.’
    • ‘Einstein's Theory of General Relativity has "vaulted to the most exhaustively tested principle in physics - the best proven principle in physics."’
    • ‘The story of his subsequent journey into sporting immortality has been exhaustively chronicled.’
    • ‘Exactly how they would cope in the aftermath of the furore was exhaustively debated.’