Definition of exhalation in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The process or action of exhaling:

    ‘the gas produced at the end of exhalation from deep within the lung’
    • ‘Also, allow your chest muscles to fall deeper and deeper within you on each exhalation.’
    • ‘That's when his true evil became apparent to me; my own precious breathing was steady and deep, the peaceful inhalation and equally peaceful exhalation of the blessed comatose.’
    • ‘It maintains the process of inhalation and exhalation as well as sensual acuity.’
    • ‘RSA refers to changes in heart rate produced by inhalation and exhalation during the respiratory cycle.’
    • ‘The flow rate was fixed to 200 ml/second during inhalation and exhalation.’
    • ‘At the same time she is made aware of any color that may come to mind while she is breathing and how it changes with inhalation and exhalation.’
    • ‘Meditation, yoga, tai chi, exercise all focus on inhalation and exhalation.’
    • ‘This movement occurs rhythmically during inhalation and exhalation in regular quiet breathing.’
    • ‘She examines the diaphragm at rest, during inhalation and during exhalation, and provides exercises for finding each of these stages.’
    • ‘There is inhalation and exhalation, long breath and short breath, deep breath, shallow breath, smooth breath, and ragged breath.’
    • ‘Slowly begin to deepen your breathing, little by little, so each inhalation grows slightly deeper and each exhalation extends a bit further.’
    • ‘Also, scans were performed while the patient held a breath after exhalation, images were sent electronically to the navigation computer in the bronchoscopy suite.’
    • ‘Gaia guides my inhalation and exhalation by putting pressure on the areas I need to concentrate on such as my stomach and chest.’
    • ‘Basic mindfulness of the breath is to be aware of the sensations of inhalation and exhalation without fixing, adjusting, improving or changing the breath.’
    • ‘Chest wall mobility is often assessed by measuring chest excursion, the difference between chest girth at maximal inhalation and maximal exhalation.’
    • ‘It works non-invasively, by analysing how the mix of gases in the breath of its test subjects alter between inhalation and exhalation.’
    • ‘This may result from central airway resistance that is more pronounced during exhalation as compared with inhalation, and can be seen with either technique.’
    • ‘In ancient times, pulse readings were taken at the carotid pulse, and measured in ratio to inhalation and exhalation.’
    • ‘And just as when you go to the country, you can pause and consciously balance your inhalation and exhalation, which will immediately ease your nervous system.’
    • ‘The diaphragm does not work as well, lungs become hyperinflated from air trapped in the lungs, and exhalation becomes an active process, resulting in increased work of breathing.’
    1. 1.1[count noun] An expiration of air from the lungs:
      ‘he let his breath out in a long exhalation of relief’
      • ‘Close your eyes and listen quietly to your inhalations and exhalations for about 30 seconds.’
      • ‘The forceful inhalations and exhalations of these exercises strengthen the diaphragm and lungs.’
      • ‘Masks should not become less efficient as they build up moisture from a person's exhalations of breath.’
      • ‘Spirometry measures how much air a patient can blow out in one second and also with a full exhalation.’
      • ‘This is similar to the first variation, but instead of repeating a word, as described above, simply count your breaths, specifically your exhalations.’
      • ‘Inflation of the bladder, with the patient seated, creates a forced exhalation, and inhalation occurs through subsequent passive descent of the diaphragm and outward recoil of the ribcage.’
      • ‘The reaction you'd get from a typical Eagles fan hearing this news might be a shift of the eyebrow, a shrug of the shoulders, maybe an exhalation of a harried breath.’
      • ‘Soon the regularity of inhalations and exhalations allows our fearless captain to bring his thoughts into cohesion.’
      • ‘She gave a long exhalation of breath, it sounded tenuous and concerned.’
      • ‘Danny goes offline with a large exhalation of relief.’
      • ‘Encourage deeper inhalations by concentrating on full, strong exhalations that fully expel carbon dioxide from your lungs.’
      • ‘‘Pearin dear, you ought to be enjoying the snow,’ said her mother as she let herself fall onto one of the wooden chairs with a long exhalation of breath.’
      • ‘He gave a sudden exhalation of breath, and his shoulders slumped.’
      • ‘I silently sighed and with a final exhalation went straight to my work.’
      • ‘Feel your body relax as your exhalations lengthen to sighs.’
      • ‘He was so close that she could feel his rapid exhalations of breath gently fanning her face.’
      • ‘Another form of meditation practice is to focus your attention on just one thing, like your breath, carefully counting your inhalations and exhalations and noticing the pauses in between.’
      • ‘The flu, on the other hand, is spread by very casual interaction - breathing other person's exhalations, or using a cup touched by a flu sufferer - so that the dispersal is much more general and open.’
      • ‘One class teaches children to breathe like a bunny - two short inhalations, followed by a slow exhalation.’
      • ‘He sighed: a sound halfway between an exhalation and a growl.’
      breath, breathing out
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    2. 1.2[count noun] An amount of vapour or fumes given off by something:
      ‘moist exhalations from the sea’
      [mass noun] ‘the nocturnal exhalation of vapours from decaying vegetable matter’
      • ‘The Meteors is divided into ten discourses on a variety of topics: terrestrial bodies, vapours and exhalations, the nature of salt, winds, clouds, rainbows, snow and hail, storms, and a few other phenomena.’
      • ‘Alchemical treatises frequently warned of the hazards of working with sulphurous exhalations and volatile chemicals.’
      • ‘Smokers sit around and smoke, lend each other their cigarettes, always need an extra few minutes before going out to finish their fag while us non smokers just sit there politely breathing in their fowl exhalation.’
      • ‘These products of earth's exhalations included not only weather events like wind and rain, but also fireballs, shooting stars, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and Northern Lights.’
      • ‘Both iron and manganese were precipitated from the sea water and submarine hydrothermal exhalations, along ancient midoceanic ridges, that are widely regarded as the ultimate source for the metals.’
      • ‘The case against climate change is plausible: the earth has always experienced large cycles in temperature, caused by natural events which dwarf man's current industrial exhalations.’
      emission, giving off, emanation, discharge
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