Definition of exerciser in English:



  • 1A person who exercises.

    • ‘The exercisers put in about four to six hours a week in formal workouts, but they were also physically active for up to three more hours weekly, taking part in recreational activities such as bike riding.’
    • ‘The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America recommends pregnant exercisers keep their heart rates between 60 to 70 percent of the maximum heart rate.’
    • ‘A recent study of college athletes showed that exercisers who used techniques such as visualization, progressive muscle relaxation and keeping a journal were less fatigued, less depressed and less likely to get injured or sick.’
    • ‘Since so many people are unable to follow the demands of long programs, fitness professionals, who are interested in recruiting reluctant exercisers or drop-outs, now have creative new resources at their disposal.’
    • ‘Now more than ever, a growing number of exercisers are setting sail in new directions and exploring a more rounded approach to their workouts in the interest of getting more balanced muscle with less fuss.’
    • ‘But for all his education and expertise, he found himself working at the Lakeshore Athletic Club in the city, helping casual exercisers who needed rehab after surgeries or who were looking to get ready for swimsuit season.’
    • ‘We have basic good form, but we are easily distracted by birds or small children or other exercisers who look and perform better than we do.’
    • ‘Many exercisers allow their backs to arch excessively while performing hamstring curls on leg-curl machines.’
    • ‘But even in the face of potential relapse, many exercisers worry that taking a break for health concerns may undo all the hard work they've put in at the gym.’
    • ‘Beginners should choose two shoulder exercises each session; intermediate and advanced exercisers should choose 3-4.’
    • ‘Among experienced exercisers, perceived exertion is one of the more popular methods of monitoring intensity because it can be done continuously without disrupting the workout.’
    • ‘For many women, this means paying particular attention to breakfast - a meal that's commonly skipped by morning exercisers, some of whom believe it's a way to get the body to dip into its fat stores.’
    • ‘Beginning exercisers, who start with an initial basic conditioning program, need to progress to more specific program designs as their conditioning improves and rate of improvement slows.’
    • ‘A combination of weight machines and free weights are recommended for beginners, while advanced exercisers should emphasize on using free weights.’
    • ‘It is a steady-state, fat-burning workout, which means after the warm-up, exercisers stay in their target heart rate zones until the cool-down.’
    • ‘Treadmills are still the most popular type of equipment sold, but a growing number of elliptical motion trainers are attracting exercisers seeking a low-impact workout.’
    • ‘‘Our results showed that dosages of prescribed diabetes medications were reduced in 72 percent of exercisers, compared with the control group,’ says Castaneda.’
    • ‘First, this study only examined long-time exercisers, and therefore, no comparisons could be made among those in the lower stages of change.’
    • ‘Since many exercisers are unsure how to correctly perform certain exercises on their own, instructor supervision in a group setting reduces the risk of injuries - a positive factor for both consumers and facilities.’
    • ‘Current research indicates that dedicated exercisers won't have to worry as much about becoming ill compared to their less active counterparts.’
    1. 1.1 An apparatus used to exercise.
      • ‘The Ab Exerciser locks your legs in place, enhancing your abdominal workout while toning upper and lower abs quickly.’
      • ‘The Red Exerciser XL allows you to use the power or core rotation and resistance to slim, sculpt and strengthen your mid section.’
      • ‘More effective than the standard bent knee crunch, the Ab Lounge 2 abdominal exerciser focuses the workout strictly on your stomach muscles, keeping your head, neck and back supported.’
      • ‘The Kegel exerciser is a medical device designed to be used by women to exercise the pubococcygeus muscle (also called the PC muscle).’
      • ‘But you know what, I'll wake up the next morning and I'll get out my exerciser and I'll work out.’