Definition of exercise yard in English:

exercise yard


  • An enclosed area used for physical exercise in a prison.

    • ‘The two officers were supervising an exercise yard with 83 prisoners when, at around 2.40 pm, a package was thrown over, landing near the officers.’
    • ‘Every day George gets up at 6am, goes into the prison exercise yard at 6.30 am and then gets ready for breakfast shortly after 7am.’
    • ‘It took Pat three hours and 41 minutes to run a distance of 26 miles around the confines of the prison exercise yard.’
    • ‘Prison sources said there would have been up to 40 other inmates in the same wing as Byrne, but he also shared the exercise yard with other inmates.’
    • ‘Most of the day he is free to mix with other detainees, spend time walking in an exercise yard or playing chess and cards with the other war crimes indictees.’
    • ‘The inmate is shown fighting with a fellow prisoner in a concrete exercise yard; the guard picks him off with a rifle, unseen but for the gunsmoke drifting across the frame.’
    • ‘Foley was initially taken to the hospital on Sunday after getting into a fight with other prisoners in the exercise yard.’
    • ‘Inmates in this jail had an eating room and an exercise yard; the dishes they used are still dirty - just as the prisoners left them.’
    • ‘Two inmates then gained access to the exercise yard, slipped through a fence and headed for the nearest convenience store.’
    • ‘Cloverhill Prison, a remand prison by design, can offer him an exercise yard he will not utilise and a library of books he cannot read.’
    • ‘It's still pretty crowded on the exercise yard, even with two detainees being released this morning.’
    • ‘Our first look at the village is literally a bird's eye view, contrasting the relatively joyful outside world with a group of men trudging in a slow circle in a prison exercise yard.’
    • ‘Where once convicts were forced to hop around the exercise yard in the blazing sun, they now sunbathe in deckchairs, waited on by the guards.’
    • ‘I was instructed that this was to be the same as a previous operation and that the audio was to be able to record conversations that took place between prisoners in separate cells or prisoners in the exercise yard.’
    • ‘The detainees also have their own medical facility and an exercise yard where they run, play soccer and engage in other physical activities.’
    • ‘He tends to spend much of each day lying on his bed in his cell, even when the cell is open and he is free to move around the common areas and the exercise yard.’
    • ‘He said drugs were being thrown over the wall of the exercise yard, which is also the perimeter wall of the jail.’
    • ‘There is an exercise yard where each day one prisoner, selected at random, is taken for one hour.’
    • ‘The three IRA suspects arrested in Colombia can't go outside their prison cells for fear of being gunned down in the exercise yard.’
    • ‘Isolation also interferes with the daily operations of a custodial facility, such as transporting prisoners to an exercise yard, and creates blind corners where prisoner abuse can occur undetected.’