Definition of exenterate in English:



[with object]formal
  • Remove the contents of (part of the body); eviscerate.

    • ‘The body was then exenterated and the heart burnt.’
    • ‘The debris will pile up as one works back and detract from one's security while exenterating the posterior cells.’
    • ‘They alighted out of the coach and went into a poor woman's house at the bottom of Highgate hill, and bought a fowl, and made the woman exenterate it.’
    • ‘He completely exenterates the ethmoid labyrinth.’
    • ‘It is essential to completely exenterate the cells of the mastoid before the clot is attempted.’
    disembowel, eviscerate, draw, dress, clean, remove the innards from, remove the guts from
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Early 17th century: from Latin exenterat- ‘disembowelled’, from the verb exenterare, from ex- ‘out’ + Greek enteron ‘intestine’.