Definition of execution in English:



mass noun
  • 1The carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action.

    ‘he was fascinated by the entire operation and its execution’
    • ‘Julie's background includes data center and computer support as well as experience with test plan development and execution.’
    • ‘Centralize planning and decentralize execution of the operation.’
    • ‘All this requires planning and thereafter execution.’
    • ‘You see, the key issue is technical strategy and execution - not business growth.’
    • ‘After months of gathering research and outlining a plan of execution, Gooden was ready to sell the idea to her superiors.’
    • ‘It also served as an introduction to personnel who would play leading roles in the plan's execution.’
    • ‘Both rely on strong team plans and good execution, and both appeal to my competitive nature.’
    • ‘The difference in style and execution of the two deals symbolizes wider contrasts that will filter through to the market as the four companies involved go through their transition periods.’
    • ‘They were still full of vim and vigour and their goal, after 60 minutes, rivalled Cork's in style and execution.’
    • ‘Rather, the exercise emphasis is on the staff planning process, orders production, reporting, and execution of the plan.’
    • ‘Handling the broad areas of creativity, marketing and sponsorship, production or on-ground execution and technical management are also of great importance.’
    • ‘The moment neatly captures the big problem of corporate strategy: the gap between the brilliant plan and the actual execution.’
    • ‘The newly enacted Fiscal Code adds some regularity to the process of funding Russia's military establishment in the course of budget execution.’
    • ‘It struck him as a rather dangerous enterprise though he realized there was rather more plan there than execution.’
    • ‘An early start, unlimited funding, and bold execution of German scientific plans became a recurring theme throughout the report.’
    • ‘In 1991, the Giants were better prepared in game plan and execution.’
    • ‘Rangers' football over the past season was never Brazilian in style or execution.’
    • ‘There is a chilling ruthlessness to the alleged strategy, matched by the style of its apparent execution.’
    • ‘Although complicated in its execution, my plan is simple.’
    • ‘The final execution of his plans, however, fell well short of success.’
    • ‘Most researchers did not systematically plan the design and execution of their research protocol to minimize the risk of bias.’
    • ‘Successful implementation and execution of a security plan requires a buy-in by all employees, Hyland says.’
    implementation, carrying out, accomplishment, performance, effecting, bringing off, bringing about, achievement, carrying off, carrying through, completion, enactment, enforcement, discharge, prosecution, engineering, attainment, realization, fulfilment
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    1. 1.1 The technique or style with which an artistic work is produced or carried out.
      ‘the film is entirely professional in its execution’
      • ‘The sound was completely coherent, the transitions between solos faultlessly smooth in their style and execution.’
      • ‘Pages xvii and 78 show two details of a monument whose style and execution Sledge praises, but there is no view of the whole.’
      • ‘A feature of these paintings is their abrasive, primitivist style of conception and execution.’
      • ‘One panel assesses the difficulty of a routine and awards a rating out of 10 and the other panel marks each performance for its technical execution.’
      • ‘As it stands, I recognize its technical prowess and professional execution, but this is something aimed squarely at the choir.’
      • ‘While Giovanni Pisano's Siena Cathedral façade may have provided an inspiration for Maitani's design, his style of execution as a sculptor is more independent in character.’
      • ‘The exhibits also reminded me of Te Papa in style and execution: another excellent day out, half a world away.’
      • ‘She has earned a reputation for a fierce presence on stage, brilliant technique and consummate execution of theme and movement.’
      • ‘Pale Flower is a film that balances its old and new sensibilities with immaculate style and execution.’
      • ‘So what can you say about a film that is so theatrical in conception yet so technically cinematic in execution?’
      • ‘As his style and execution changed naturally over the years, what he taught his students also changed.’
      • ‘The portrait miniatures he painted were sweet in nature and clean in style and execution.’
      • ‘From piece to piece, the style of execution varies, and there seems little connection between them beyond the unusual and attractive medium and the scale.’
      • ‘Maybe it might have worked better set in London - but the whole lame affair is depressing in style and execution.’
      • ‘Hatoum's video works are not only conceptually generic, their execution is classically styled.’
      • ‘This was a marvellous performance, not only in technical execution, but in the new perspectives it offered.’
      • ‘The technical execution throughout the album is flawless.’
      • ‘All photo entries will be scored based on their originality, technical execution and narrative abilities.’
      • ‘Thus, your thinking of the music represented a synthesis of the notes, their musical expression and their technical execution.’
      • ‘There is less dimension or individual color and style, execution and technique.’
      performance, presentation, rendition, rendering, staging
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    2. 1.2Law The putting into effect of a legal instrument or order.
      ‘obligation to pay the deposit before the execution of the lease’
      • ‘But is this not committing the fallacy of looking beyond the instrument, beyond the state of affairs at the date of execution of the instrument?’
      • ‘Germany would scrupulously comply with any request from the to suspend any execution of a deportation order.’
      • ‘If the hirer were to give a specific order he would be responsible for harm resulting from negligent execution of the order, but he would be liable as a principal, not vicariously.’
      • ‘The power of this Court to grant orders staying execution of judgments pending applications for special leave to appeal is undoubted.’
      • ‘At some point, I take it, the dates specified at about line 22 or 23 on 894 were completed before execution of the relevant instruments?’
    3. 1.3Law Seizure of the property or person of a debtor in default of payment.
      count noun ‘sixty-seven executions were ordered against goods’
      • ‘Secondly, a bill of sale is ineffective to cover property acquired by the debtor after its execution as it must specifically list the property covered.’
      • ‘Under Texas law, Individual Retirement Accounts are exempt from attachment, execution and seizure for the satisfaction of debt.’
      • ‘The recent Constitutional Court ruling against the execution of immovable property of judgment debtors was an overwhelming victory for the weak and the legally challenged.’
      • ‘However, once the sale occurs the debtor/mortgagor no longer has any interest in the property and any subsequent execution cannot attach to that which the debtor does not own.’
      • ‘A trustee who properly and reasonably prosecutes or defends an action relating to his trust property or the execution of the trusts is entitled to be indemnified out of the trust property.’
    4. 1.4Computing The performance of an instruction or program.
      • ‘That means you could have a directory that allows executables but any new file in the directory is by default denied execution.’
      • ‘In case of an error or any anomaly during the execution of a program, the kernel can use signals to notify the process.’
      • ‘This will let you watch the execution of a program to determine any gaps, and is especially useful if used in conjunction with a debug flag.’
      • ‘Some parameters can be changed during the execution of the program, i.e., the number of threads forked in a parallel region.’
      • ‘When examined closely, we see that a software failure is a deviation of the execution of a program from its intended behavior.’
  • 2The carrying out of a sentence of death on a condemned person.

    ‘the execution of juveniles is prohibited by international law’
    count noun ‘there were mass arrests and executions’
    • ‘The authors find that the murder rate is significantly reduced by both death sentences and executions.’
    • ‘In front of a packed courtroom he announced that he had decided against execution and sentenced the defendants instead to life imprisonment.’
    • ‘Although there is a trend towards prohibition, twenty of the thirty-eight states that have a death penalty still permit execution of the mentally retarded.’
    • ‘Incidentally there are no proven cases of a wrongful legal execution in America since WWII.’
    • ‘Tennessee had been the only Southern state not to have carried out an execution since the death penalty was reinstituted by the United States Supreme Court in 1976.’
    • ‘‘I think he should get a life sentence because execution will be too merciful for him,’ says another customer.’
    • ‘The warrant of execution was issued on 8 February 1999.’
    • ‘Kevin Spacey plays Gale, a man who has been convicted of murder and awaits his execution while on death row.’
    • ‘While awaiting execution, death row inmates endure dehumanising circumstances as well as alienation from families who have abandoned them or simply cannot afford to visit them.’
    • ‘He has been convicted of murder and is awaiting execution on death row while the US judicial and political system plays Russian roulette with his life.’
    • ‘The gross inadequacy of the legal defense for persons facing execution is fostered by the state's judicial system.’
    • ‘By the end of 2003, Amnesty had recorded 1,639 death sentences and 726 executions.’
    • ‘At the place of public execution the death sentences were, at the last possible moment, commuted to exile.’
    • ‘By now most honest people concede that the deterrent effect of execution is non-existent and few are unaware of an increasing number of death row exonerations.’
    • ‘They have come to a verdict on the sentence, life in prison or death by execution.’
    • ‘When Capote met Perry Smith - convicted to execution and on death row - he was immediately captivated by him and his discernible sensitivity.’
    • ‘In many places, jurors in capital cases have only two choices of punishment for those they find guilty: execution or permanent imprisonment.’
    • ‘She is at risk of imminent execution after her death sentence for adultery was upheld by the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The judicial sentence of death by execution has been present since the formation of the first civilised societies.’
    • ‘No one ever stops to think about the people who have to carry out the executions or work on death row.’
    capital punishment, the death penalty, being put to death, killing
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    1. 2.1 The killing of someone as a political act.
      ‘they were held captive for two days and threatened with execution’
      • ‘The newspaper quoted unidentified soldiers as saying the captive had been threatened with execution and was later dumped from the back of a moving vehicle.’
      • ‘The government's assertion that torture and summary executions might be carried out without recourse to the law clearly shocked the court.’
      • ‘Detectives described the killing as a clinically-planned execution.’
      • ‘However, the prosecution described the killing as an execution and argued a clearer case of murder could not be found.’
      • ‘And I have no problem at all with summary execution of would-be suicide bombers.’
      • ‘The police are also alleged to have failed to act to stop the lawyer's killing despite having had advance warning from loyalist sources that his execution was planned.’
      • ‘US-led forces raided parts of a town yesterday searching for hostages threatened with execution by rebels.’
      • ‘During his opening address, Crown prosecutor Peter Magee described the killing as an execution.’
      • ‘Gupta, who considers the views of all other historians as relevant material, concludes that it was principally a political execution.’
      • ‘If the wars of terror against some states continue, then we will continue to be shocked by another suicide bombing, another execution of a hostage.’
      • ‘They were frequently threatened with execution if they tried to escape.’
      • ‘The only good news emerging is the release of the three Japanese hostages who were threatened with execution for more than a week.’
      • ‘According to Thomas, he was threatened with execution.’
      • ‘We believe the terrorists forced them to dig their own graves and prepared them for execution.’
      • ‘This was not just some random shooting but a well planned and organised execution.’
      • ‘Bribery had gotten him the identity of the renegade young men; he'd had them all rounded up and threatened with execution unless the one who'd done the deed identified himself.’