Definition of exclusion zone in English:

exclusion zone


  • An area into which entry is forbidden, especially by ships or aircraft of particular nationalities.

    ‘aircraft had violated the air exclusion zone’
    • ‘From midnight tonight, the three buildings and the surrounding areas will be cordoned off as part of a security exclusion zone round the conference.’
    • ‘It also required claims for land in the exclusion zones to be entertained for no more than one year after a declaration that the area is no longer within the exclusion zone.’
    • ‘An ordinary person had entered the exclusion zone and was actually attacking.’
    • ‘A two-mile exclusion zone for shipping and aircraft was set up around it.’
    • ‘All the while a paraglider was buzzing the complex, in direct contravention of the air exclusion zone at Lucas Heights.’
    • ‘An alcohol exclusion zone could be set up in an area of York city centre which is plagued by antisocial drinkers.’
    • ‘The crack RAF team was forced to call off its acrobatics because the aircraft violated an eight-mile exclusion zone needed for the performance.’
    • ‘Much of Olympic Park has been turned into an exclusion zone, surrounded by about three kilometres of perimeter fencing.’
    • ‘The air exclusion zone over London continued and extra armed units were deployed in the departure and arrival halls of Gatwick and Heathrow.’
    • ‘Police were immediately called in to evacuate the area and set up a 200m exclusion zone.’
    • ‘An air exclusion zone will be put in force over the hotel with fighters on standby at nearby RAF Leuchars in Fife.’
    • ‘There will also be an air exclusion zone over central London and police helicopters will relay aerial pictures to the control room.’
    • ‘The team had to abort their display almost before it had begun, because they had spotted no fewer than four other aircraft in what was supposed to be an exclusion zone.’
    • ‘A 3km exclusion zone will apply around infected farms outside the four main problem areas and county council staff will manage signs in these places.’
    • ‘The fishing plan was dropped, and model boats were allowed with a 30m exclusion zone surrounding the lake's southern area for bird habitat.’
    • ‘Drivers of more than 800 cars trapped within the exclusion zone had to abandon their vehicles overnight and use public transport - or check into hotels.’
    • ‘A five-mile exclusion zone has been placed around the farm while tests are carried out.’
    • ‘Police secured the area and implemented an exclusion zone, making trespassers liable to fines of up to $2000.’
    • ‘The expansion of the trawler exclusion zone to include the whole project area helped.’
    • ‘The authorities put a two-mile exclusion zone around the farm in the province of Balikesir.’


exclusion zone