Definition of exclaim in English:



  • Cry out suddenly in surprise, strong emotion, or pain.

    [with direct speech] ‘‘Well I never,’ she exclaimed’
    ‘she looked in the mirror, exclaiming in dismay at her appearance’
    • ‘She steps inside the sculpture, listens and exclaims in delight as the wind resonates in the bottles and surrounds her with music.’
    • ‘Suddenly the door opened and a man burst in exclaiming: ‘Trescothick's gone first ball!’’
    • ‘Alonso exclaims in joy and Miranda is also surprised by the spectacle.’
    • ‘You appear to be someone who decries the town crier instead of the news he exclaims.’
    • ‘Danielle suddenly exclaimed, hurrying to the window to look out again.’
    • ‘He gets into the water, experimenting a little, until suddenly he gets it right and exclaims, ‘Aha, that's it!’’
    • ‘‘This is real,’ he exclaims as he details the way in which he wants the party to get on-message.’
    • ‘Robert exclaims: ‘James Brown said his band were number one but we were number two!’’
    • ‘But, of course, one exclaims, marvelling at the matter-of-factness of the statement.’
    • ‘‘I think the producer did a fabulous job,’ he exclaims with satisfaction from his Kamloops home.’
    • ‘Her feet stumbled on rocks, and she kept following, afraid but unable to scream for help or to exclaim in surprise.’
    • ‘You may all exclaim in surprise and fall off your chairs.’
    • ‘Lisa, the teacher, exclaims over each answer, scrawling it on a chalkboard at the front of the room.’
    • ‘I exclaim, although more out of surprise and distress than with anger.’
    • ‘I wasn't screaming or shouting or exclaiming, just calmly saying the truth.’
    • ‘Sam exclaimed in surprise as his friend stopped in front of us, catching his breath.’
    • ‘He exclaimed suddenly realizing he sounded a bit too pleased to see her.’
    • ‘Felix exclaims before standing and pulling me up with him suddenly.’
    • ‘Peering through his telescope, a participant exclaims, ‘I can see an object as big as a cricket ball.’’
    • ‘Clarissa suddenly exclaimed and ran around the corner, returning momentarily with a camera.’
    cry out, cry, declare, come out with, burst out with, blurt out, utter suddenly
    call, call out, shout, sing out, yell, shriek, scream, screech, roar, bellow
    ejaculate, vociferate, ululate
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Late 16th century: from French exclamer or Latin exclamare, from ex- out + clamare to shout.